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Digital Life didn’t disappoint and was an amazing event. We personally spoke to thousands of people. In fact, our T-shirts and postcards (good for free shipping) disappeared in record time. And we found a lot of folks who stopped by our booth at Digital Life blogged about their experiences. Let’s see what they had to say:

Tommy Setiawan, a student at New Jersey Institute of Technology, lists us as one of his favorites from the show:

Back from Digital Life – The Report: Blurb: I see this service as one of the most innovative.

Thoughts from a wireless media guy:

It’s a Digital Life: The finished products look simply amazing and are really affordable ( … wouldn’t look out of place at Barnes & Noble.) A hidden killer-app in Blurb, I think, is their upcoming Blog Book feature.

And from – a visual filtration of ideas+aesthetics

Digital Life NYC – 10.12.06: If I had to pick one thing to be the next big thing from digital life — I’m loving blurb.

And honestly, I hunted for negative feedback just to show my impartiality, but I couldn’t find any.

Were you at the show?

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  1. Unfortunately I wasn’t at the show, but a good friend was and couldn’t wait to give me your information. I can’t wait to get my blog printed! I will cerainly pass this along to my friends in the blogworld! Thanks!

      October 16, 2006 – 10:31 pm   Permalink

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