Live from BlogHer, my first blog post… ever.

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[Note: this post was actually written at the BlogHer06 Conference, but due to a few technical issues, I was not able to post it until today.]

So, I’m sitting at the BlogHer Conference, and I’m crafting my first blog post ever. Which is weird. Lots of people are amazed that I haven’t blogged before, given how involved I was in the early days of the internet, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure that I had anything to say that was worthy of putting out there. Sure, I know a fair bit about obscure music from North Carolina, hockey statistics, and the proper way to typset the @ symbol, but there don’t seem to be many people out there that share this somewhat eclectic combination of interests. However, if there’s anything that has struck me at this conference, it’s that nothing is too obscure or too weird to find an audience. If it interests you, it will interest someone else as well.

BlogHer has an interesting soundtrack—it’s led by the session speaker, her voice amplified over the percussive background of hundreds of laptop keys being pressed and occasionally punctuated by the cries of a baby. There is something intensely post-modern about sitting in a room where people are live-blogging about discussing blogging. You can almost feel the bits flying through the air to the wireless connection, and I am very aware of the fact that I do not type well.

Eileen & I passed out books to every participant at the beginning of a workshop called “So You Have This Great Idea.” It’s odd for me to be attending a conference as a sponsor, but it’s exciting to be sharing Blurb with a lot of new people. People seem really interested in Blurb and have been asking me a lot of great questions. It has been really illuminating to see what sorts of things people are interested in putting in their books. Like I said before, nothing is too weird to find an audience, so get cracking people! If I can write my first blog post, you can make your first book.

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pin it button Live from BlogHer, my first blog post… ever.

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