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Valentine’s is a month away and we have to admit, we’re kinda suckers for this “holiday.” Not because of the chocolate hearts, the overpriced bouquets, or the random stuffed animals, but because of all the great books Blurbarians design for their loved ones.

We’ve seen a trend of people using their Blurb books to propose, and seriously – we’re blown away. So impressed in fact, that we want to reward your creativity by giving back a little Blurb moolah. $75 of it, to be specific.

But here’s the catch (you knew it was coming) – you have to share your Blurb engagement story, with a link to your book, in the comments of this post. We’ll keep the contest open through Valentine’s Day (February 14), and we’ll announce the winner on February 16!

And yes, we’ll include proposals that happen ON V-Day. As long as you post by midnight, you’re in!

(image by shanissha)

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  1. Tina and Andrew’s engagement shoot.

      January 13, 2009 – 7:21 pm   Permalink
  2. How sweet! What a coincidence too – this is the book I made for my fiancé last winter, right before I proposed to him :)

    A Love Story by Christina Entcheva
    “The year-long visual journey of falling in love. A collection of photography, collage, journal excepts, and illicit text messages.”

      January 13, 2009 – 9:30 pm   Permalink
  3. Well, this is not the book I will use for the proposal, just the book with my pictures and different couples.

      January 13, 2009 – 11:29 pm   Permalink
  4. Today the man i loved asked me to be with him forever. It was on top of the mountain overlooking the whole town and the river, a beautiful view. After four months of dating we climbed this mountain together and it was up there he thought for the first time, this is the girl i am going to marry. So to bring it full circle he decided to propose to me in the same spot 4 years later.

    I wrote this in my blog the day we were engaged. Hope you enjoy my book. Its a collection of pictures of us and poems I wrote. The first poem is actually one he wrote for me for our one year anniversary

      January 14, 2009 – 12:03 am   Permalink
  5. Here is our book

      January 14, 2009 – 2:03 am   Permalink
  6. Our Ukrainian feelings!!!!

      January 14, 2009 – 2:04 am   Permalink
  7. Greeting valentine with marriage pictures, the love story.

    Alexandre ROUGEOT, France.

      January 14, 2009 – 2:10 am   Permalink
  8. I used to run a music course (music is my life) and the final show night was quite hard to take after such a long time preparing and organising, you grow to know people so well, I popped outside to get some air and it was raining (I love the rain) so my partner and I took some time to get air, when all of a sudden he was on one knee on the ground… the entire situation was so overwhelming anyway that when this happened I thought he was doing up a shoe lace and almost missed what he said through enjoying tthe wet weather.

    By Kat
      January 14, 2009 – 2:16 am   Permalink
  9. fyi: I would use the book to remmind my husband of all the happiness of our wedding day – since we have been married over a year and still have not had the photographs printed, due to a major delay from our photographer who has only just given us a selection to choose from let alone provided and order :) ah well, all good things come to those who wait, or so they say

    By Kat
      January 14, 2009 – 2:19 am   Permalink
  10. Hi! I also made my first book just after my fiance proposed to me, cataloging our year of love – we made a baby and got engaged :)

    “A Year in the Life of Us”

    I’ve also since done one of my daughter too – maybe you should have a baby book competition :)

      January 14, 2009 – 2:26 am   Permalink
  11. I am still waiting for the book I was meant to receive for Christmas from you. This was ordered by my brother in November and you have yet to deliver them to him. The books have been damaged, badly manufactured and one replacement set was never sent (probably never even printed). See incident: 081227-000080

    Why would I want to risk ordering from you again, especially for Valentine’s Day, if the books will not arrive on time?

    By Andrew
      January 14, 2009 – 2:47 am   Permalink
  12. What better way to show my new husband I love him than to make a gorgeous book of all our wedding photos. I spent hours working on it and am very pleased!

    The books finally came this week and they are beautiful. Some people say that they’ve been unlucky with the print quality but these are fine. They’ll be going to our relatives. Now I’ve seen how good they are I need one for us – good timing!

      January 14, 2009 – 3:33 am   Permalink
  13. hi ya guys,
    I am putting my wedding album together at the minute, and think it would just a beautiful present for my brand new husband for Valentine’s Day :-) even if i don’t win, I can’t wait to hey my new book to remember the most beautiful, romantic, rocking day of my life! xxx

      January 14, 2009 – 3:45 am   Permalink
  14. My wife and I will be celebrating our 32nd anniversary in June, so our engagement story goes back even further. I knew she was the one long before I popped the question and I selected a one carat diamond solitaire which took me a year to pay off. I had it just in time for the anniversary of our first date and I attempted to be romantic by planning an evening. I arranged for us to attend a dinner theater production of “Is That You” and planned to pop the question over dessert…I was chagrinned to find that we were seated at a table for eight, so I gave her the ring before anyone else arrived. We were so young and had no idea which was the correct finger for her to wear the ring after she decided to keep it. Our waitress helped us out and then proceeded to tell anyone who’d listen that we had just become engaged. The chef made a special dessert just for us and our table mates celebrated as if we were their children.
    My Blurb book or erotic photography is dedicated to my wife who happens to be my most ardent fan, assistant and even chauffeur to distant locations at times.

      January 14, 2009 – 6:19 am   Permalink
  15. This was our favorite beach, and the one we were eventually married at. Other pictures in the book are from an orchid farm that was nearby, that, on the day that we were married, the owners opened an hour before their regular opening time so we could go in early and take more pictures.

    We love the beach, and I knew that’s where the magic moment would happen.

      January 14, 2009 – 7:46 am   Permalink
  16. I just used a Blurb book to help propose to my fiance. I had previously made a photobook for her birthday and she loved it so much I decided to create another book and give it to her on the first night of Hanukah. What my fiance did not know was that the first page within this book was an image of me on one knee holding a ring. I had also cut out a hole in the book (sorry Blurb) and placed the ring in to this hole. I also had made sure to wear the exact same outfit in person that I was wearing in the image. It went perfectly and she was shocked and extremely happy. She loved how I used photography and a book to propose and went on to show off the book to all her friends and family. Heres a link to the book, the image of me on my knee is the first image within the book.

    By Jonathan
      January 14, 2009 – 8:23 am   Permalink
  17. After months of debating, I asked my husband to marry me on Valentine’s Day, 2007. I had begun the evening with a nice surprise dinner, complete with candles (this was very fancy, being that it was a weekday). Our local radio station was playing old, croony love songs all night, and I made something special for dinner. But before we even got to enjoy it, I bumped the table the candles were on, and knocked the whole candle-holder over onto my then-boyfriend’s brand new MacBook. Wax coated his screen and parts of his keyboard.

    A couple of hours later the wax came off no problem, and an hour after that he had gotten over it. We were getting ready for bed like it was any other night. I suddenly felt inspired, right then and there, while we were in bed, and I told him to look underneath his pillow. There was a ring, and my proposal. Lucky for me the candleholder debacle didn’t ruin it completely!

    We married this past September, and the blurb book is a link to our very simple, small, but stylish wedding in the backwoods of Virginia. We had bbq for dinner, toasted with Belgian beer, and kept the computer (which I used to dj) faaaaaaaaaaar away from any candles that night. The blurb book documents everything about the wedding, from the playlist to the story about the caterer AND the guy who was marrying us both being late, and it will serve as our wedding album.

      January 14, 2009 – 9:35 am   Permalink
  18. oops, a link to our book:

      January 14, 2009 – 9:42 am   Permalink
  19. I created this book for my husband after we had been married for just a couple of months.

      January 14, 2009 – 10:20 am   Permalink
  20. I wanted all of our wedding pictures in one place so I decided to make a blurb book. This has our engagement pics, wedding invite, and all the pictures from our wedding day in the form of a fairytale.

      January 14, 2009 – 10:22 am   Permalink
  21. Once upon a blue moon . . .

    In May 2007, we flew back from a fortnight experiencing the pleasures of Puglia on the night of a blue moon (the second full moon in a single month). On bended knee, Paul asked me to marry him!

    After 17 years together, we had joked that we could only get married ‘once in a blue moon’, yet still it caught me by surprise.

    A very special year culminated in our wedding on 5 September 2008, a magical and joyous day, full of symbolism and meanings, that I have re-captured in words and photos in our wedding book. We gave this to friends and family at Christmas and have enjoyed their delight in reliving the day and tapping into the joy anew.

    By Gina
      January 14, 2009 – 11:21 am   Permalink
  22. Our Wedding Day!

    By Chelsee
      January 14, 2009 – 12:01 pm   Permalink
  23. Below is my story of how I proposed using a Blurb book:
    In July of 2008, my girlfriend and I went to El Salvador to do a missions trip. When we returned from the trip I told her that I would make a Blurb photobook to document it. What I didn’t tell her, is that there would be a marriage proposal inside the book. We had booked a trip to Vermont for October of 2008, which is where I planned to propose.
    We were watching the sun set at a bed and breakfast where we were staying in Vermont. It seemed like the perfect time, so I said to her: “Oh yeah, I totally forgot that I have the El Salvador photo book in my carry-on! I received the book in the mail the day before we left, and I was going to show it to you on the plane, but I forgot.” So I gave her the book to look at. As she came to the second-to-last page of the book, it had a full page that told her what a great person she is and how lucky I am. The page after that, had a picture of the engagement ring I was going to propose to her with. Unfortunately, she closed the book after reading the page about her, without turning to the picture of the ring. She hugged me and told me how sweet I was, almost crying. However, she didn’t know at that point that was part of a proposal. I waited a little bit, just hoping she would open the book again to see the picture of the ring. Luckily, without me saying a word, she did open it back up, and saw the picture of the ring, and she knew right away. I then got on my knee and proposed to her. She said yes!

    Here is a link to the proposal version of the El Salvador book (there is a version without the last few pages as well). And yes…. the Vermont book is in the works.

      January 14, 2009 – 12:47 pm   Permalink
  24. My husband proposed to me the day after my birthday. We live in Boston but we traveled to Santa Barbara – California. The hotel was the Bacara, a beautiful hotel, and coincidentely that was quite few weddings going on the day of my birthday and the day before. We walk to the beach with his dog. And he said let’s wait for the sun down, but he did not realized that I knew what time was the sun down , which was 3 hours away. I didn’t want to wait because the dog wasn’t confortable with the sand. He asked a gentlemen to take some pictures of us in a wood log in the beach, where we wanted to propose to me. We where walking back to the room, and we had to walk by a litle bridge, I was walking in front with the dog. Then we called me and said: “Look somebody lost their ring.” I believe it was from someone since that was many weddings as I said, then he said: “Try it on maybe it will fit you.” Then I realize that was my engagement ring. He went down his knews and ask me to married him. I was so happy and started to cry. We went back to the room and I started to get ready for our special dinner. I was so emotional that I end up burning my foward head with a hair curler. Which you can visiabily see in the pictures we took later on. I am working in the book of this special day.

    By Luana
      January 14, 2009 – 1:54 pm   Permalink
  25. Our engagement story is a very basic one.
    As we came home from a family party Christmas Eve we finally decided to open our gifts at the stroke of midnight. After opening all our presents, I noticed there was a little red and gold box left. He grabbed the box and then proposed to me, and of course I accepted. Not a specific date in mind, we knew our wedding would eventually come… What I found out later on, is that he asked my father for his permission first… how cute. I thought that was very nice of him. (And we got married 3 years later)

    Our wedding book:

      January 14, 2009 – 2:12 pm   Permalink
  26. I have always admire my boyfriend pictures. Since the first time I saw them, 3 years ago, when we first meet.
    In this time, I have written some love text, inspired in my feelings and our relationship that day after day is stronger.

    That is way I made this book (called: Your world through my eyes) in which I’ve tried to show his work and my love, using his photos and some of my text (only in Spanish…)

    Hope you enjoy it and even not understanding Spanish, hope you are able to feel my true feelings and love.

      January 15, 2009 – 6:01 am   Permalink
  27. My Blurb-posal story is as follows (it’s sort of long, beware):

    I have always enjoyed writing: song lyrics, poems, stories, you name it. In planning my proposal I decided to write a somewhat “Seuss”-ical poem for my then-girlfriend, and, having heard from her about Blurb, decided to put it into a book. I took some pictures to go along with the poem, while using others from my life and our courtship, and added them appropriately. On a time constraint to ask her, I threw everything together quite quickly and prayed for a fast delivery of the book.

    The place to propose had already been determined, a beautiful look out over the city. Probably no more than a mile hike, my intent was to hike up there with her, have her read “a cute little book I got for her” while we looked out over the city, and propose following the last page containing the words, “…will you marry me?”

    My plan was infallible, so I thought… romantic, creative, “cute.” This was going to be the best engagement ever…

    Allow me to return to my poem. The first words that came to my head when I began to think of what to write were, “This is a letter, this is a box, this is a boy who just got chicken-pox.” Accordingly, I took a picture of a letter and a little box I had in my house, and used a childhood picture of me with hives (chicken-pox, hives, what’s the difference, right?!) The poem progressed, briefly covering my life, our dating, my desires to marry her, and then abruptly jumped back to the box as follows:

    “…Wait a sec, I forgot
    there’s still something to do
    If you’re still with that boy
    take a look at his shoe

    You’ll recall that the box
    that you saw from before
    It is fastened there
    strange, you ain’t seen that before”

    So, as the poem dictated, I decided to tie this little white box around my shoe before we hiked up the peak, so when she got to the end of the book I could take the ring out from within the box and propose…

    until we got near the top and I bent over to check the box and saw that the ring had dropped out of the inside. In the words of Charlie Brown, “Good grief!” times 1000 was about what I felt. Not knowing what to do, I proceeded with her to the top and figured I would just have her read the book. She did, exclaiming, “you’re serious?!” on discovering my intent, and after quickly assuring her I was, said, “I LOST THE RING!”

    She was probably in a euphoric state, for the reality didn’t seem to hit her. I, on the other hand, was drowning in it, so I tugged her along with me back down the trail, using my cell phone as a light to look for it.

    Thankfully, I found the ring relatively close to the top, so I was able to actually propose to her.

    Needless to say, what began as a seemingly romantic idea nearly ended in tragedy. Since then, or, since my blood pressure returned to normal that night, we’ve had many a good laugh about the whole ordeal.

    The end.

    *Feel free to check out the book at

      January 15, 2009 – 8:17 pm   Permalink
  28. I made a cute book that would truly be a cute gift for any couple in love. check it out…

    By Lauren Nicolaus
      January 16, 2009 – 4:11 pm   Permalink

    This is “A Story about a Boy and a Girl.” Its a simple tale about two adorable babies how grow up to fall in love with one another. Then after lunch on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon the Boy and Girl in the story sat down in front of a fireplace, the Boy put his arms around the Girl and the Boy asked the Girl to read him “A Story about a Boy and a Girl.” At the end of the story the Boy whispered in the Girl’s ear and said “will you marry me?” The girl said, “Nothing would make me happier.”

    That is how a boy and a girl became engaged. That is how Kim and I became engaged. My fiancee was completely surprised that i would choose a Wednesday afternoon to propose. My fiancee is amazing and I love her with all my heart. We are getting married in March.

    By Dave
      January 16, 2009 – 5:51 pm   Permalink
  30. My man asked me to marry him 3months after starting the relationship. It was valentines day of 2001, I had just gotten out of the shower, was dripping wet, he came in, took me by the shoulders, ( I was standing in the oh so romantic spot in front of the toilet none the less!!) and looked deep into my eyes, and said, ” you are the most perfect person for me, i haven’t been with you for very long, but feel like i have never been apart from you, I feel i want to secure my relationship with you by committing myself wholly to you, I want to care for you, grow old with you, share everything with you, good & bad, And i want you to do the same with me, I feel we are meant to share our lives & don’t ever want to wake up without you, Please do me the honor of being my wife!?” I was stunned, I had never thought i would get married, i never had the thoughts like most women do of marriage, no dreams for me. But all the same, it felt so very right, I had never felt this way before,… so i accepted, with the conditions that we had a long engagement so we can get to know each other properly, Well, this has happened, and still is, we are as happy as ever & are more in love each passing day, We have attempted to plan the wedding a couple of times now, but had a few hurdles along the way both times & put it on hold both times!, we are in no big rush, we are secure knowing we are going to be together for a very long time, and that it will all fall into place when its meant to. We both feel that this day is coming sooner rather than later, perhaps even this September, if not, most likely next year. We are to have a spring wedding in an outdoor setting. Its going to be just perfect, I know it.
    well, that’s my story, i can remember it so clearly as if it was this morning, I remember his face, all the exact words spoken etc, and not to forget the chills i got, not only from being wet, but from the sheer joy of what had happened to me. xxx I love him so much. xxx
    I really am so happy & wish that every one can experience what i am. xxx

    By Becky
      January 16, 2009 – 9:44 pm   Permalink
  31. “The concept of accomplices between these artists reminds one of Gilbert and George. The project is ethereal, shocking without distance. The photo-portraits are emotional and go under the skin.”
    Ralf Burgmaier, Badische Zeitung

    For me it was just love at first sight … and an almost two year long distance relationship before I moved to NYC to marry and live with her.

    Have a look:

    By Lothar Troeller
      January 22, 2009 – 4:10 pm   Permalink
  32. My husband had the most wonderful proposal all planned out. He called the restaurant where we had our first date, even found our original waitress. The whole restaurant was in on the plan, for me to meet my husband there where he would be waiting on bended knee. However, that’s not what happened, because the ring was being shipped from New York to California, and it didn’t arrive in time since we were leaving for Ireland the next day.

    I was completely unaware of these plans and so my husband (boyfriend at the time!) and I jumped on the plane to the Emerald Isle with a diamond ring secretly in his luggage. I was suspect for several days as we visited lush green fields, romantic castles, and lively pubs and never a word about our future together. Finally on our last day in Ireland, room service arrived with breakfast. I thought, wow, what a treat! I opened up the tray and there was my favorite food, a bowl of raspberries! I was so happy. Upon further inspection, the berries were sparkling because there was a diamond ring inside the fruit bowl!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. My man grabbed the ring, got down on one knee and proposed. I like to say we walked on Irish air for the remainder of our trip.

    Even though it wasn’t his original proposal plan, the new one made for much more exciting photos which were used in my Blurb Book for all the guests to sign at our wedding 6 months later. Our one year anniversary is coming up soon and cherishing all our memories in the photo book is will surely be part of our celebration! Thanks Blurb!!!!!

      January 22, 2009 – 5:23 pm   Permalink
  33. Here is a book of poems i wrote after my husband made me a sunset picnic in which he proposed to me, under the stars was such an magnificent night one which ill never forget

      January 28, 2009 – 2:40 pm   Permalink
  34. My husband and I met Salsa dancing while I was on exchange in the US. I can truly say my experience as an exchange student changed my life forever… I found the love of my life. We got married last summer, and it was very important to both of us to incorporate both of our cultural backgrounds into our ceremony and wedding (even though weddings in Germany and the US are not *that* different :)). A dear friend of ours not only got ordained for us to be our officiant, but she also learned German just for the occasion. Our ceremony was both English and German; we wrote our vows together and to honor each other’s heritage, my husband said his in German and I said mine in English. My book chronicles our wedding ceremony and the beginning of the rest of our lives together.

    By Silke McCance
      January 30, 2009 – 4:30 pm   Permalink
  35. Oops, I forgot to tell our engagement story…

    In August 2006, we decided to do something nice on the weekend before I would embark on my first year as a PhD student. As it happened, Mingo Fishtrap, one of my husband’s favorite funk bands, gave a small concert in St. Louis that Saturday. Even though it initially rained that night (and the concert was outside), we enjoyed a beautiful evening with sweet delicious funk and lots of dancing.

    On our way back to the hotel, my husband took a detour through Kiener Plaza, a small park right next to our hotel. He said he just wanted to take a picture of us in front of the Old Courthouse framed by the Arch, and set up the camera with a timer on a big planter, while I was waiting for him. When he turned around, he took the ring out of his pocket, kneeled down, and proposed to me (I still remember each and every word he said). Needless to say, I said yes…

    As we were hugging and kissing, a homeless guy approached us – he was the first to congratulate us and wished us “a lifetime of happiness.” The next morning, when calling my mom, I told her “You’re the first people to know – after the homeless guy!”

    By Silke McCance
      January 30, 2009 – 4:37 pm   Permalink
  36. Proposals never end, or at least that’s what Michelle and I feel. Our love continues to be recreated year-to-year, day-to-day, moment to moment. ‘Love Notes’ is our most current creation together to celebrate 6 years of Valentines, 6 years of honoring the commitment, inspiration and fun in our relationship.

      February 1, 2009 – 8:52 pm   Permalink
  37. I know I am a bit biased but I think I have one of the best proposal stories of all time. I made this book as a Valentine’s Day/Engagement Anniversary gift for my husband. This book tells the story of our incredible engagement.

    By Jennifer Buddenhagen
      February 4, 2009 – 1:02 pm   Permalink
  38. Bonjour,
    Voici le livre de notre mariage le 23 aout dernier que nous avons fait pour donner en cadeau à mes parents pour la St-Valentin.
    Bon visionnement!

      February 5, 2009 – 7:13 pm   Permalink
  39. This is our wedding book that we made especially for my parents as a Valentine Day gift. We got married last year (August 23rd 2008).

    By Genevieve Dufort
      February 6, 2009 – 7:17 am   Permalink
  40. My wife and I have been married for nearly 8 years now, and for over 7 of those years I’ve been compiling all our love letters, poems and songs we wrote to each other from the 2.5 years we dated. After being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in September 2008 I knew I needed to finish these books up. Thanks to I was able to compile these 2 books and I’ll be able to renew my commitment to her this Valentines day.

    By Jon Thomasson
      February 6, 2009 – 7:30 am   Permalink
  41. My husband proposed to me right after we set up our Christmas tree in December of 2006! He did a great job because he totally surprised me (which is very hard to do). So, I put together this book, “About Us”, which takes you from how we met, the proposal, wedding and honeymoon. It is such a fun book to look through and be reminded of our love for each other! Check out our book and the story of how he proposed!

      February 6, 2009 – 4:56 pm   Permalink
  42. This is a book I’ve made to celebrate my best friends’ wedding, just in time for Valentines day… I wanted to show them how much I love them, and how inspirational their love for one another is to me…

    By Leissa Wheatley
      February 11, 2009 – 3:56 pm   Permalink
  43. Here is my illustrated engagement book that I made for my Emily. Unfortunately in the preview you don’t get to see the image of me on one knee proposing with the ring*.

    Here is the Blurb book:

    * If you’d like to see the rest of the story, look here:

    She said “Yes”, btw!

      February 12, 2009 – 12:43 am   Permalink
  44. Silvia & Riccardo, Italy

    Thank you.

      February 12, 2009 – 3:48 pm   Permalink
  45. Where’s da winner posted??? Hey great fun – Blog post said by the 16th – didn’t receive any word – “Natalie” – whaddup??

      February 20, 2009 – 11:12 am   Permalink
  46. Gorgeous book! Can`t wait to buy it!

      March 10, 2009 – 10:46 am   Permalink

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