Microsoft’s new Photo Info tool

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For those digital photographers out there who are Windows users, Microsoft has released Microsoft Photo Info, a new software add-in for Windows. Most image-editing software lets you edit this level of metadata already, but for those who like to try out new apps, here are some of its features:

View or edit photo metadata from inside Windows Explorer.
Edit images individually, or as a collection. Photo Info has two edit modes: individual and collection, making it easy to update many images at the same time.
Quick recall of location details. To help save time when entering location information, Photo Info can save location details under a name you provide. Recall these details by selecting the location name from the drop-down menu.

        We’re always talking up iPhoto and Flickr at Blurb, so it’s nice to see what’s available in the image-editing, -organizing category. Give us a shout if you have any feedback on Photo Info and if you want to share some of your favorite digital photo tools. And thanks to Tyson for the heads up.

        Share the Blurb:
        pin it button Microsofts new Photo Info tool

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