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We do so enjoy calling one another names here at Blurb – on staff we’ve got an Admiral, Cap’n Scrappy, and the Leshnatic, thanks largely to Alysha – and sometimes, there’s a pseudo-scientific method to our etymological madness.

As many of you smarties have already figured out, the term used for Blurb employees is a contraction of Blurb and literati, from the Latin term describing “persons interested in literature.” But as a concept, Blurberati is inspired less by ancient Rome than ancient China, where local literati developed an artistic style called wenrenhua (meaning literally “culture+human+expression”) that valued personal expression above all else. Borrowing a page from these sages, the Blurberati have developed a technology that values (you guessed it) personal expression above all else – only BookSmart™ is less of a tongue-twister than wenrenhua (say it five times fast, and you’ll see what I mean).

Blurbarian borrows its suffix from that VIP of books, the librarian, a.k.a. “person responsible for a collection of specialized or technical information or materials.” Specialized information, indeed: who besides a librarian knows to look for love between Love Canal and loss of consciousness? But every person has a whole collection of photos, blogs, and other material just waiting to become books – which makes you, my friend, a Blurbarian.

You’re in good company: even librarians are becoming Blurbarians these days … does that make them Blibrarians? And thanks to our German friends, Blurbarian can now be described as angemeldetes Mitglied bei blurb.
But hey, you tell us what makes a Blurbarian… comments and backsass welcome.

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