Neat trick for improving travel pics

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It happens to the best of us. You’re taking a picture of a famous monument or picturesque scene to put into your upcoming travel book, and just as the shutter snaps some clueless tourist walks into the frame. Picture ruined, right? Wrong.

With the Tourist Remover, a new tool being offered to members of the free photo organizing and sharing Web site Snapmania, you can eliminate unwanted people and objects from your photos for good. In addition to signing up for Snapmania’s service, you’ll need at least three photos of the same location. The Tourist Remover combines the images to create a single, tourist-free photo that’ll make an excellent addition to your book, fireplace mantel, refrigerator door, or wherever your prized images are displayed.

We read about this on BoingBoing today, and haven’t had a chance to test it out for ourselves, but thought it might interest those of you who are making travel and other photography-intensive books. If you have tried the tool, or if you want to recommend other tools and tricks for improving your photo books, please let us know by leaving a comment.

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pin it button Neat trick for improving travel pics

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  1. Unfortunately, most tourists don’t carry stable tripods with them or would take the time to set up the three-plus shots to make this work. Advanced photographers should already know how to do this rather simple Photoshop trick.

    It does remind me of a service an Israeli friend of mine described – where you can have yourself ‘shopped into photos of far exotic places so that you could impress your friends with tales of distant travels, when in reality you could only afford to visit the parents for a week.

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