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You may have already guessed this to look at the Blurb Bookstore, but the number of new Blurb authors is growing daily. This week there are about 25% more books in the public bookstore than there were earlier this month – and the authors that opt to put their books in the public bookstore represent just a fraction of those who’ve made books through Blurb.

How people find us in the first place is always intriguing, because we haven’t done traditional advertising for Blurb. So we suspect it’s mostly your doing: All you Blurbarians out there keep saying nice things about us, like Tyson Williams just did. We’re feeling the love blowing in from the North this week, because Tyson’s fellow Canadian blogger Laura of Mommapalooza also wrote a positive review of her experience publishing her blog with Blurb.

But one of the fastest bookmakers we’ve heard from yet is the Houston-based founder of SnapStream, Rakesh Agrawal, who reports that he made a wedding book for his sister in half an hour. Bet you can’t tell how long it took Brigham Young University student Benjamin Crowder to make this photography book for his dad. Give up? Again: Half an hour. Nice, eh? Ben took a few close-up photos of his book, in case any of you are still wondering what exactly we mean by bookstore quality.

Blurbarians also aren’t shy about input, which has been great for our product development team. Laura, you’ll be happy to hear that your questions about line spacing and inserting multiple blog entries on a page are about to be answered in February. Rakesh, same goes for your request for larger size books – and in the meantime, our post about color calibration should help you match the color on your photos.

All you other Blurbarians out there who have been uncharacteristically quiet about your Blurb books: let us know how it’s going, and what we can do for you.

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  1. My books are ready, but as long as the shipping cost for outside of US (europe, asia) will be so expensive (50$ for a book that costs 35$…), I cannot hope selling a single copy.

    Please, please consider adding low cost normal postage… at amazon it starts at 15$ for the same !

      February 5, 2007 – 9:30 pm   Permalink
  2. Hi,
    I received my first copy of a book through Blurb and I must say the quality was outstanding. Well done Blurb. The only problem I see is the cost. I have people that want the book, but feel the price is too high. Their comparison are books that they can buy at Barnes and Noble etc. were comparable books sell for 12.95. It is a heartbreak for me to tell them that my book is 38 dollars plus shipping and that is no profit to me.

    Even if I bought 10 books or a 100, people would grimace at the price. It would be really great if you could have some kind of price breakthrough. I know that is difficult, but something you could consider. I know that quality books are printed in S Korea, that could possible help you to compete. Perhaps the time line would be longer, but it could be option for cheaper printing.

    Again, I want to emphasis the great quality of your books, just wish that you could work on the pricing to help us all sell more books.

    As it is I am sure I will buy more books, in drabs and dribbles. But would it not be great to increase the flow.

    warm regards

      October 16, 2007 – 10:03 pm   Permalink

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