New York Times Covers Blurb’s Pop-Up Store

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Blurb Pop up Store NYC New York Times Covers Blurb’s Pop Up Store

We opened our first-ever Blurb pop-up store in New York City last week and not only is it getting great traffic, it’s also getting great coverage. Take a look at this nice article in this morning’s New York Times.

For those of you not familiar with the pop-up concept, it’s simply this: A pop-up is when a retail or brand presence sets up shop for a temporary time in a commercial space. For us, our pop-up store lets Blurb fans and the public get to know us and our books. We have a fully stocked library so people can see and feel the quality, and Blurb staff on hand to answer questions. The word on the street is that it’s a terrific hit and just as we’d hoped, we’re getting lots of experienced, brand new, and soon-to-be bookmakers coming through our doors.

If you’re in New York, stop by. We’re located at 60 Mercer, between Broome and Grand in the heart of Soho. We’ve had all sorts of great workshops, talks, and hands-on how-to bookmaking sessions since we opened on Oct. 21. The fun continues until October 31, with some great events focused on fashion, creative agencies, photography, and fund-raising books for non-profits. Get the full schedule for our NYC pop-up here.

Next up – London, where our second-ever pop-up store, Blurb on Newman (22 Newman St, to be exact) opens November 4. The goodness will continue until November 14. Again, lots of great workshops, a ton of great bookmaking tips, and loads of creativity. Get the full schedule for our London pop-up here.

Again, if you’re in NYC or London, come by, say hi, and stay for a while!

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