Oculi: A museum catalog made by you

David Maurice Smith (right)
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Have you ever been to a museum exhibition, looked through the catalog in the gift shop, and thought that surely you could do a better job of putting the images together than the know-it-all curator did? I know I have. And maybe I was wrong, but I would have loved to have the chance.

Well, Australian photo collective Oculi is giving visitors to its upcoming exhibition the chance to do just that. Those coming to the Reportage Festival Hub in Sydney, Australia, on May 22, will be able to edit and sequence their own version of the photo collective’s catalog on site, and have their personally edited copy sent directly to them. The ability to have individually customized catalogs printed is all a part of the magic of print-on-demand digital photo books, brought to you by Blurb.

Oculi photo book 1 Oculi: A museum catalog made by you

Lee Grant (Left) Andrew Quilty (Right)

The idea of a catalog that is both individual and universal feeds well into the show’s theme of “Home.” Each of Oculi’s photographers contributed an image related to the idea of home, creating a wide-ranging examination of that most familiar but challenging of themes. According to Oculi photographer Andrew Quilty:

Home is difficult to define yet open to interpretation. From the heart of home as we most commonly know it: in bed with a lover or nursing a child, a favourite place or one’s spiritual haven; to one’s tribe or place within a broader community: suburbia, a region, a province, a country or continent. The idea of home is as fluid as the boundaries that define us physically and as transient as the human race itself,” said Oculi photographer Andrew Quilty.

So, if you happen to be in Sydney on May 22, pencil in some time to see the exhibition and get a chance to be your own art catalog author.

Event details:

Place: Reportage Festival Hub, Cleland Bond Building, The Rocks, Sydney
Date: May 22, 2013
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Oculi photo book 2 Oculi: A museum catalog made by you

Raphaela Rosella (Left) Donna Bailey (Right)

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