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Matthew Ooms. Easy Rider. Same thing. OK, maybe not, but Matthew did traverse parts of the U.S. and Canada on his motorcycle, and he lived to make a book about it.

Preview Matt’s book, The Open Road, Two Wheels, One Summer, 13000 Miles of Asphalt, and a Pup Tent, and the first thing that draws you in is an email he sent to a good friend explaining how he longs for an authentic adventure. When he writes, “I want the fog that settles in the mind to be driven away by the light of truth and redemption,” you know this isn’t going to be your average road trip. He goes on to ponder transition, restlessness, and ambiguity. He touches on Slurpee and vodka send-offs. (Note: There was no driving while drinking vodka Slurpees.) His 178-page book is filled with notes on what the trip meant to him, and the beauty he saw on the road.

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Congratulations on such a wild ride, Matt. Your story and visuals beautifully captured your experience, and you really put together a unique book. Here’s to your next big adventure!

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  1. I just wanted to say that I am not impressed with your staff pick of the week books that you choose. I really enjoy the Blurb website and there are a ton of nice looking books out there, but I gotta say that the staff must be picking in a hurry or not looking at the previews very closely!!! I am not saying this because none of my four books have been selected.
    My books are in sports and from the ones selected in that area, I gotta say I’m not impressed. I hope in the future they will put more efforts in their selections. Don’t get me wrong they have made some really good choices, but the ones with blurry photos need to go!

    By Bobby Medellin
      October 11, 2007 – 9:32 am   Permalink
  2. One last thing, Matt’s book “the Open Road” was a good selection.

    By Bobby Medellin
      October 11, 2007 – 9:34 am   Permalink
  3. Wow… parallel universe? er, roads? um, bikes?
    I was just checking out this blub book option when I saw your book. I intended to do something similar -adventures, on the road, photos, writing- and on a Wee-strom.
    Yes, a kindred spirit.

    By Elzi
      October 11, 2007 – 9:39 am   Permalink

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