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I cannot believe I get paid to do this. I am so lucky — really, I pinch myself. Every day I get to look at books that represent the best in people: their best recipes, best writing, best photographs, best artwork, best aspirations, best intentions.

I often look at new books coming across our server in the quiet of a Sunday afternoon. Occasionally I am moved to tears because the work is so beautiful, or so powerful, or perhaps it is the realization that regular folks without connections, bunches of money or specialized experience could produce books like these at all.

I’ve been reading the book, “Good to Great,” and in it Jim Collins talks about three concepts that when honestly answered, help move companies into the “great” category:

1) What are we deeply passionate about?
2) What can we be best in the world at?
3) What drives our economic engine?

Well, the first one is pretty clear with Blurb: we love books — we love creating them, printing them, sharing them, smelling them (yes!), holding them, reading them. The second follows from the first: we need to be the best in the world at enabling each and every one of you to realize the best of yourselves in beautifully designed and produced books to share and sell globally. And number three? Well, number three needs more discussion inside the company as Collins espouses a thoughtful and spirited debate re: how to become a sustainable and scalable company via a clear economic strategy. We will be giving this a lot of thought in 2008.

There are a few other things that we will be thinking about and focusing on in 2008: supporting the creative professionals in more and deeper ways, expanding the ability of our customers around the world to make money on their books via Blurb, and innovating new ways for like-minded people to meet up on Blurb and make books together.

Many thanks to the Blurb team for putting their hearts into it every day, many thanks to the Blurb Advisors and Board Directors who support us and give us a kick in the pants when we need it, many thanks to our business partners without whom we would not be doubling in size every 4 months, and most of all, many thanks to each and every one of our customers around the world whose work inspires us each and every day.

Happy New Year!


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  1. When can we sell our books from outside of the US please????

    By Dai Viet
      January 2, 2008 – 5:14 pm   Permalink
  2. Please stay tuned. This is a big initiative for us this year and we are working hard to start rolling out support for Set Your Price in countries other than the United States as soon as possible.

      January 2, 2008 – 6:20 pm   Permalink
  3. Is it possible to invest in your company? I’m so impressed with you.

    By Victoria Gray
      January 2, 2008 – 6:23 pm   Permalink
  4. This site seems amazing. You all seem like you love what you do. I just can’t wait to update my mac OS X so i can work with Booksmart! Selling your own photos in books online seems too good to be true!

    By Crystal
      January 2, 2008 – 8:17 pm   Permalink
  5. Many thanks for the vote of c onfidence; we’re flattered. Unfortunately we are not raising money right now — and frankly if and when we do, it will likely be from institutional investors like venture capitalists.

      January 3, 2008 – 7:07 am   Permalink
  6. Hello Flickr Folks,

    I\’m planning to put together a photography book of photos I\’ve taking of women over the summer & this winter. ~Their sensual, funny, beautiful images~

    You can view them here.

    My question is what to consider when creating your first photography book? What advice and tips can you share :-) Take care,

      January 4, 2008 – 4:49 pm   Permalink

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