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Taj Mahal Collage by Corrine Vionnet One in A Million Photos

Does the photo above look familiar to you? If it does, there’s a good reason. It’s made up of hundreds of typical tourist snapshots, layered together in a montage that gives the landmark a painterly, impressionistic look and ghostly sense of movement.

Swiss-French artist Corinne Vionnet became fascinated by tourist photos of famous sites around the world, so many of which have remarkably similar points of view. Vionnet did keyword searches on photo sharing sites for monuments like the Taj Mahal, Mecca, and Stonehenge, sifted through thousands of images, and layered 200-300 of them together to create these incredible works of art, which she calls “Photo Opportunities.”

Buttes by Corrine Vionnet1 One in A Million Photos

“It is the sheer quantity of almost identical pictures that gave me the idea of superimposing them,” says Vionnet. “The collaboration is obvious, but it is without their knowledge. These pictures are on the Internet, to be seen by any eventual visitors. I am just one of those visitors.” As she acknowledges, Vionnet’s creations are made possible only by photo-sharing sites – what do you think about collaborations like these?

And if you’re curious about whether your own photos share an angle with others, try this cool trick. You just might get inspired by someone else’s approach to shooting the very same scene.

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