Ooh la la endpapers!

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 Ooh la la endpapers!

I recently picked up the fantastic ABC Spookshow by Ryan Heshka. It’s a great little book, full of wonderful illustrations of a macabre alphabet. Even before I got to the first entry (A is for Apparitions, for those of you playing along at home), I knew I was going to love this book. As soon as I cracked the spine and saw the beautifully printed end papers, I admit it, I swooned a little.

End papers are the sheets of paper that are glued to the inside of the cover on a hardcover book. ABC Spookshow’s end papers show a scary cemetery scene, complete with bats, skulls, an owl, and a pumpkin. I was so charmed I began looking for other great end papers and stumbled across Nancy Stahl’s beautiful End Papers Gallery at Drawger. Currently there are 74 entries which Stahl describes as “end papers that could set the mind soaring with the knowledge and adventures that awaited you between the covers.” Indeed!

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  1. I love endpapers too! When is Blurb going to start offering them?


    By C H
      October 9, 2007 – 10:06 am   Permalink
  2. Endpapers would be such delicious icing on the cake. We’re doing a photo book of our twin daughters’ first 18 months for all the grandparents for Christmas. I know just the scribbles I’d use for endpapers if I had the option. Mmmmmm!

    By Steve W
      October 10, 2007 – 2:33 pm   Permalink
  3. I second the call for endpapers made by C.H. Yippee for endpapers and hooray for the post, but Blurb doesn’t even offer color options for the paper endsheets!! I’d be happy with the choice between black and white!

      November 13, 2007 – 8:17 am   Permalink
  4. Before Blurb offers endpapers, how about printing on the outside hardcover?

    By Glen lancaster
      December 11, 2007 – 1:42 pm   Permalink
  5. Hi Glen,
    That is a great idea, and it’s something all of us at Blurb are really interested in, too!


      December 11, 2007 – 2:17 pm   Permalink

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