Indie art book of the week: Rouleaux by Anastassia Elias


Not to get too personal, but how many toilet paper rolls do you throw away every year? For French artist Anastassia Elias, that answer is probably pretty close to zero. The multi-talented artist has found a wholly unique way to reuse these commonly trashed items: by turning them into stages for her tiny dioramas. Getting [...]

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#Freethebook – What you love about self publishing


Last week we put put a call for you to share your thoughts on what the creative freedom of self publishing means to you. We’re posting our favorites below. But please, continue to share them on Twitter and Facebook with the #freethebook. @BlurbBooks self publishing means no more excuses for NOT publishing and distributing your [...]

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Now you can embed Instagram photos

Last night-ish, Instagram added the ability to embed photos and videos in blogs and web pages using an embed code you can grab from the web interface. It’s a welcome addition – not that you couldn’t add photos to posts before via the old upload, but what everyone wants is the ability to tie the [...]

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Where are my book comments?

The Internet is nothing if not a rapid stream of change. A lot of this change is good. Some of it is not so good – case in point: Facebook is changing the way its comment widget works, and we’ve had to reconfigure the way commenting works on our site. As a side-effect, past comments [...]

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