PBN 2011 Juror Interview with Larissa Leclair

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juror leclair PBN 2011 Juror Interview with Larissa Leclair

Photo ©Rebecca Drobis

Larissa Leclair is a Photography Book Now 2011 juror and the founder of the Indie Photobook Library, an amazing archive of independently produced photography books. True to its DIY roots, it has no permanent venue, instead popping up in cities like Washingon, Toronto, Portland, and New York, for a short time. We asked Larissa, the self-described photography writer, curator, and collector, what it takes to make it into her photography book collection.

Blurb: What is a favorite photography book that you own or have seen from the last few years?

Larissa:. Two books that immediately come to mind  are – for creativity and use of materials: Kitintale by Yann Gross, which I nominated for the 4th International Photobook Award 2011, and for content and form: Fifty-One Years by David Goldblatt (Actar). The Goldblatt photobook is a small reference book that provides an in-depth overview of his work and includes his early “On the Mines” series.

Blurb: You have a wonderful blog post listing your favorite self-published photography books for 2010. We know it’s still early but do you have any that you think will make your list for 2011?

Larissa: Thank you. It is still early for me yet and at the moment my thoughts are on my list of photography books for the Indie Photobook Library’s first feature-length exhibition at the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, which opens in September. I will mention, however, the book Svalbard by Greg White, and Firework Studies by Pierre Le Hors (Hassla) — two books from 2010 but ones that I just saw this year.

Blurb: What do the most compelling/most memorable photography books have in common?

Larissa: The most memorable books are the ones in which I forget about myself for a moment, lose track of my surroundings, and enter into the reality in the photographs. And from that response, it may seem that the book form is of no importance, but it is. The form and materials should aid in experiencing the work.

Blurb: Thank you for talking with us, Larissa.

For those of you still interested in entering PBN 2011, you have about three weeks to go before the July 14 deadline. Check out our past interviews with PBN 2011 jurors, and check in every week to hear from the rest of this amazing jury.

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