PC Mag on Blurb gift books: Read ‘em and weep

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Just in time for the holidays, PC Magazine suggests a useful new metric: the thoughtfulness of your gift can be measured in tears shed upon receipt. I guess that means tie clips won’t cut it again this year … what to do? PC Magazine offers this suggestion:

If you really want to turn the waterworks up to 11, we suggest trying something personal. Head over to www.blurb.com, where the Blurb service will walk you through a few simple steps to design and create a beautiful, customized, hard-bound book.

Why thank you, PC Magazine, I might just do that. Coincidentally I just got similar advice from photographer Stanley Leary, who calls Blurb books

an excellent way to tell your family story, remember your last vacation or preserve family recipes along with photos of the person who originated it.

So with all this urging, I’m finally making my cookbook this weekend … shhh, don’t tell my mom. I’m counting on maximum weeping results there. And to all my blogospherical friends who know what you’re getting now: If you can manage it, a tear or two would be most gratifying. Just think of Britney and K-Fed – tragic, I know.

To the rest of you who will soon be the verklempt recipients of Blurb books, let me offer this disclaimer in advance:

We didn’t mean to make you cry.

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pin it button PC Mag on Blurb gift books: Read em and weep

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  1. What would make ME head on over to Blurb – other than the AWESOME software, customer service and quality you guys offer….is a way to post my book on MY website instead of sending clients and customers to this site. This is great, but then they start wandering around, forget what they came here to buy and don’t buy MY book….so how about a widget or code or something that links DIRECTLY to a shopping cart instead of this site…they think they’ve gone to the wrong site or something. Is that possible? Thanks!!

    By Becky Blanton
      March 10, 2009 – 10:54 am   Permalink

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