The Polaroid Socialmatic camera will be a reality

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Screen Shot 2013 03 01 at 2.28.02 PM The Polaroid Socialmatic camera will be a reality

Last May, an adorable, Instagramy concept camera made the rounds of social media. Some scoffed, some sighed, and some rejoiced at the idea of a real camera based on an app based on a real camera. Well, now, it’s coming to fruition, though not with the help of Instagram.

Socialmatic LLC announces they have signed a MoU agreement with C & A Marketing, the company grants rights to produce and market cameras and accessories under the Polaroid brand owned by PLR IP Holdings, LLC.

What does that mean? Polaroid won’t be making the guts, but they will be lending the nostalgic glow of their name to a digital camera that will let you share your photos online and in-hand, through 3G/wi-fi and a built-in printer, respectively. OK, some people are still scoffing and sighing. Ultimately the proof will be in the Polaroid-esque pudding. Something that won’t be available until Early 2014. Until then, we can look at the concept photos on Socialmatic’s site (and buy a T-shirt).

Though Instagram is not on board, the Android-based camera will be able to post to its very own social network, as well as have routes to Facebook, Twitter, and (wait for it…) Instagram. So it all comes full circle. It will also have 16 GB of onboard memory, its own filters, and a slot for expanded memory.

So, whatever camp you’re in, you gotta hand it to Socialmatic for making their concept a reality. Check out a video below, apparently narrated by the robot from Radiohead’s “Fitter, Happier, More Productive” (it’s nice he can still get work). Of course, if you’re eager to unite the the world of filtered photos with the world of in-your-hands analog, you can make an Instagram book with Blurb right now.

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  1. Polaroid Socialmatic camera ? Wow what will they come up with next. I recently wrote a review on the canon EOS 60D Camera check it out it’s an awesome camera

    By Mycamera
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