Proof anything can be a book. Really.

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Don’t think you’ve got material worthy of a book yet? Beg to differ.

Normally I’d be the first to rank government documents right up there with Nyquil as an insomnia cure – but turn it into a graphic novel, and the 9/11 Commission Report makes for riveting reading. No, seriously. It’s all in the presentation, people – so go grab yourself some public domain government documents, and have at it.

More book ideas pop up in the bathroom than authors are generally prepared to admit (ahem). Alison Jenkins (no relation to yours truly) finally comes clean in The Lost Art of Towel Origami. Consider this your green light to publish your haiku about handtowels – or take a cue from artist Kate Pocrass, and photograph your collection of stolen bars of soap for an art book that’s far better bathroom reading than People magazine.

Look inside the games folder on your computer (come on, everybody’s got one) and you’ll find more books waiting to happen. As bragging rights go, high scores are nothing compared to publishing your own guide on how to score with lady gamers … which is just begging for a sequel on how beat ladykillers at their own game. Any takers?

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pin it button Proof anything can be a book. Really.

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