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We’re very serious people here at Blurb, and we disapprove on principle of anything that smacks or irony, satire, or parody. So it was a real blow to all of us when Real Dan Lyons used Blurb to make his best-of Fake Steve Jobs blog book. And then to go and make another book of the whole entire blog! — we were devastated.

So devastated, in fact, that we had to harass Dan about it in person — here’s what he had to say for himself:

BB: Who is Dan Lyons when he’s not FSJ? Do you have kids? Favorite reading material? Embarrassing habits?

RDL: I’m the proud (but usually exhausted) parent of 3-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. I spend as much time with them as possible. I read a few blogs pretty regularly. I’ve been a big Andrew Sullivan fan right from the beginning. In the tech space I read Alley Insider, Valleywag and AllThingsD pretty much every day. With music I tend to go on binges where I buy a bunch of stuff by one artist and go crazy on them until I’m sick of it and then I move on. Right now I’m having a Ramones phase.

BB: Ramones, eh? Hmmm … how did a Ramones addict get the idea to create Fake Steve Jobs?

RDL: There were some CEOs who had started blogs, and I thought it would be funny if a CEO did a blog that wasn’t full of PR spin — if a CEO turned out to be this obnoxious, abrasive blogger. It seemed to me that the parody would work on two levels. On one level it would be a parody of whichever CEO I chose. But on another level it would be a parody of bloggers in general. So it would be a blog that made fun of blogging. I chose Steve Jobs in part because I’m a big Apple fan but also because I thought he was ripe for parody.

BB: Why do you think the Fake Steve blog took off the way it did?

RDL: I think it took off at first because there are so many Apple fanboys and they spread word of the blog. And the release of the iPhone and all the Apple hype and mania helped too. Originally, I just made up random jokes about what I imagined life inside Apple was like — but then I started following the news and using Fake Steve as a vehicle for covering news. That’s when the blog really started taking off, but also I think people enjoyed being able to participate in a comedy blog, send in ideas, make up funny captions or funny photos, and see them published. I really think the audience was the biggest reason for the blog’s success. There are a lot of funny, clever people out there.

BB: We’re flattered!

RDL: (Grumble.)

BB: Have you sent an autographed copy of your book to the real Steve Jobs?

RDL: No, because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t appreciate it. I’m pretty sure he’s got a restraining order that prevents me from contacting him in any way.

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  1. just great to see someone like Dan use Blurb for this. Congratulations you guys.

      July 23, 2008 – 6:18 pm   Permalink

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