RIP celebrity books?

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They’re pondering the Death of the Celebrity Book at GalleyCat and while the focus is on the UK, one wonders if the same is true of American celebrity books. There is always seemingly a glut of so-called celebrity titles in bookstores.

“There are just too many celebrity books out there – and a lot of the major sports memoirs are basically celebrity books too. A few rise to the top, but you can never predict which they will be.” – David Wilson, editorial director of Headline

So let’s talk about celebrity. Per Wikipedia, “A celebrity is a person who is widely recognized (famous) in a society and commands a high degree of public and media attention.” Nowadays with social networking sites like Flickr, MySpace, Dogster, and even our Bookstore, everyone and everything has a chance to be a celebrity. What about pets in our Bookstore? Possible celebrities?

I ask because my two dogs are making a book for my mother-in-law. If they decide to put their book into the Blurb Bookstore for others to enjoy and get their 15 seconds of fame, does that make them celebrities? Will this newfound fame go to their heads? Will they only add to the glut of celebrity books and become part of the problem? Am I taking this blog post too far?

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