A round-up of blogs turned into ebooks

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This week, our CEO, Eileen Gittins, was interviewed by Pocket-Lint, a cool tech site that we really love. In conjunction with our launch of enhanced ebooks, Eileen talked about how bloggers can make money from their blogs by selling their content as ebooks for the iPad. Not sure what an ebook from a blog might look like? Today, we’re presenting a round-up of ebooks that began their lives as blogs. Perhaps coolest of all is that all these ebooks are also available as printed books.

Design Seeds is an enormously popular blog that celebrates the beauty of color. Each volume is devoted to a particular color theme. Design Seeds is gorgeous inspiration in any form, but as an ebook, the blog becomes a cool, mobile swatch kit that can be easily be brought along to paint, fabric, and furniture stores.

blogbook4 A round up of blogs turned into ebooks


Another entry in the DIY section is BUILDINGAWOODENBIKE: The Plycycle. Created by Merlin Crossingham (who also happens to be the animation director for Wallace and Gromit), the ebook chronicles the building of a wooden bicycle. Originally presented as a blog, it’s now a step-by-step instruction book that goes from the garage to the lumber yard.

blogbook5 A round up of blogs turned into ebooks


Next up is an example of a collective blog turned ebook. I See Skulls comes from Skull-A-Day, which collects images of skulls submitted by readers. Some are carved or created, some are quite accidental (like a drop of liquid that looks like a cartoon death’s head). And the zoomability of ibooks lets you get up close to the skeletal submissions.

blogbook2 A round up of blogs turned into ebooks


Pink Panther Studios is a photography studio specializing in imaginative, fine art portraiture. Their blog (hosted on blogspot) regularly posts shots from their studio sessions. The photo is paired with information about the model, the setup, and the photographer. In its ebook form, it’s the perfect catalog of the design studio’s work.

blogbbook1 A round up of blogs turned into ebooks

Illustrator Sebastien Lienard’s book Sketchsomethingsebs came from his illustration blog. Comprising 125 posts of fantastically angular illustrations (all suggested by his blog readers), the ebook is a less expensive alternative to his print book. Plus, it’s a portfolio that goes anywhere an iPad or iPhone can go.

bogbook3 A round up of blogs turned into ebooks

There are many more ebooks that began their lives as blogs in the Blurb bookstore. And once you’re full of inspiration, start working on turning your blog into an ebook.


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pin it button A round up of blogs turned into ebooks


  1. Can you turn a ebsite into a blog, and then into a blurb? Or just into a blog?

      October 23, 2012 – 12:52 am   Permalink
  2. Hey Robert, We don’t have a way to do that directly. But it’s an interesting idea. It would be a little difficult because every website has a different directory structure, whereas these supported blogs have a consistent structure. We would recommend copying and pasting the text from your website into one of our bookmaking tools, like Blurb BookSmart. That should work well.

    Thanks for the question!


    By Kent
      October 23, 2012 – 11:10 am   Permalink

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