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Lately, we’ve noticed several Web-savvy Blurbarians proudly promoting their books on their own sites and blogs in many clever, eye-catching ways. And that got us thinking: what about those new book authors who don’t have the HTML skills, artistic chops or time to handcraft a flashy promo, but still want to brag about their books?

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We hope that our newly released Blurb Badges can help. If you have a published, public book on Blurb, simply go to your Badge area, choose the badge style you like best, and we’ll automatically provide the code for you to copy and paste into your site, blog, or even your email footer.

We’ll be adding new badge styles and designs in the coming weeks, so check back and see if something new catches your eye. And, as always, if you have an idea for a new Badge, let us know.

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One Comment

  1. Well…after being a New York Newspaper Publisher and Hack Writer for helping those in need make a living from the Net…

    Making and Publishing My 1st book with Blurb was a given after seeing Eileen on a Webcam commercial on my Laptop from her Convention interview with Webpro News last year..

    It was just getting some time to do it…

    I have moderated many a forums and thousands… have asked what the Text tha t is cut- off means…lolol… more than I can say, so what better way to help people..but to put them all in a
    ~TXT-TALK GUIDE~ to keep handy next to your computer…

    Also with people straining their eyes, I decided to go with the larger fonts so as to include my 1000′s of disabled friends I have met through these years who look to the Internet as a way of traveling around the Global World……

    More guides of helping subjects and Children’s Books are in the mix………..lololol

    We are Blurbers…even thouhg we do not always write here…we read it everyday!

    Peace and Health!


    By JEZ
      July 9, 2007 – 6:21 pm   Permalink

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