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The Startup Playbook The Startup Playbook   Advice from CEOs

Most startups do not succeed. Those that do all have one thing in common: A collection of philosophies and strategies for winning in a complex and unforgiving marketplaces. Whether it’s implicit or explicit, every founder has their own “startup playbook.” They just haven’t revealed it — until now.

Eileen Gittins, Blurb’s CEO, knows a thing or two about running a startup. Prior to founding Blurb she launched both Personify and Salsa. And she’s now one of the founders featured in the Startup Playbook, written by David S. Kidder and published by Chronicle Books. Alongside the likes of Catharina Fake (Flickr), Robin Chase (Zipcar), Steve Case (America Online), Reid Hoffman (Linkedin), and others, Eileen shares her experiences in the highly competitive startup world and her passion for bringing photo books to everyone. Taken together, these stories seek to help answer the question of why some startups succeed, but many do not. Some of our favorite things about the book, besides the stories, are the illustrated portraits of each individual.

We’re incredibly honored that Kidder chose to include Eileen. After all, the biggest reason a startup succeeds is the initial idea, and the individual who had the courage and ingenuity to bring it to life.


Screen Shot 2013 01 14 at 11.17.15 AM The Startup Playbook   Advice from CEOs


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  1. proceed from my book will help establish all blogged Nobel-aimed projects;a wake-up call to billionaires & philanthropists;boost the economy,GDP and promote peace,increase cultural awareness.

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