Summer reading: hotter than you think

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Forget looking supermodel thin in your swimsuit. Forgo the 6-minute abs video, the spray-on tan, and the smooth pick-up lines. The key to getting noticed this summer is burying your face in a good book, according to a new study by U.K. pollsters YouGov for the book-and-music retailer Borders.

From Life Style Extra’s article about the results:

Results of the poll suggest that 900,000 men would ask a stranger out based on what they were reading, with 30 million of us sneaking a second glance or smiling at someone if they are reading a book we like.

Two per cent of respondents – and four per cent of men – had asked a stranger on a date after liking the look of their book, while six per cent had asked the readers personal questions.

Alas, not all books attract equally. As U.K. Guardian blogger Sarah Crown explains in her post about the study:

Erotic fiction, horror, self-help books and the dreaded chick-lit were all, in fact, deemed turn-offs when it came to love between the covers. The genre most likely to help you pull – the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini of the books world – is the classics, followed by biography and modern literary fiction (think Zadie Smith and Sebastian Faulks, rather than Dan Brown and Martina Cole). Forget the gym: if you want to raise your dating game, head down to your local library and start borrowing.

Good advice! Singles in search of a fellow literature lover might also consider heading out to their local park, bus stop, or cafe with a copy of their own Blurb book. I mean, what could be sexier than, when the attractive stranger approaches and asks what you’re reading, answering with, “Oh, just this little book I wrote. Wanna see?”

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