SXSW roundup, Blurb style

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Eileen, Sarah, and gang said SXSW was quite the event. People from around the world stopped by the Blurb booth, as did a cornucopia of musicians, directors, designers, and well, just creative professionals of all types. Mac heads for sure as noted in Alison’s earlier post.

I checked around the blogosphere to see what others thought about the event and dug up the following tidbits:

Video: Dissecting Digital Media in Texas, Y’all
Amanda Congdon, formerly of Rocketboom and now with, stopped by the booth and chatted with Eileen. Look for Eileen at the 5:26 minute mark as she tells Amanda how to self-publish a book.

 SXSW roundup, Blurb style

SXSW: Blurb my panel
It seemed almost anachronistic that at a conference so full of technological wonder, a panel discussion was held on the future of book publishing. … The optimist on the panel was Gittins, whose company Blurb makes software that makes it easy for anyone to make a book and get it printed.

SXSW Interactive: 2 Days Down, 2 to Go
- You thought the music industry is in trouble? Wait til the publishing industry gets wind of [Blurb].

SWSW Monday: Hitting My Stride, Finally
The exciting thing about Blurb is that they have blog import tools, and for $80 I could make a hardcopy backup of my blog. That would kick ass! I’m totally going to have to try this out.

Signing out of SXSW. We’ll blog about other events in the weeks to come.

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