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A lot Going for him

Michael Going has been a photographer since grade-school, but there were a bunch of years in there where he didn’t pick up the camera at all. “My black-and-white photography class as a child is my fondest memory of that age, but there were no artists in my family … photography wasn’t something that my parents [...]

Book of the Week takes it to the street

Rio de Janeiro is a tough place to hang-out, at least in the exquisitely photographed, deeply disturbing historias do rio. Photographed by acclaimed photographer Lorenzo Moscia, with text (in Italian) by Matteo Gennari, this book is chock-full of sex, slum, and implicit violence — shot with a gritty, evocative eye and an amazing resonance with [...]

Where are you going?

Wherever you’re headed this summer, take your camera — and make sure you read Adorama’s Top Tips for Travel Pix before you leave. You might also want to take a peek at the rest of the articles in their Hit the Road! series for insights on best travel cameras, preparing your gear, and portable storage. [...]

Tip — changing photo sizes in BookSmart

You can resize your photos in BookSmart without pulling an Alice. In fact, we highly recommend that you do your resizing before you eat anything marked “Eat Me” … or drink anything at all. There are three ways to resize your photos in BookSmart. Use the Zoom/Crop tool: 1. In the main edit area, click [...]