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Book of the Week or Bust

This week we were particularly taken away by Jim Zook’s book “USA or Bust.” Jim hit the open road earlier this year to talk to the American people about the state of the nation. Traveling from state to state, and interviewing people all along the way, Jim found this journey a logical one as “Everyone [...]

An Unapologetic Book of the Week

We first heard of David Fullarton on Behance for his contribution to the Sisyphus Office exhibition. We were all crazy about his installation “What I do at work when I’m supposed to be working,” so when we saw his book “I can’t apologise enough,” we couldn’t be more excited. David’s text and image collages are [...]

An Out of this World Book of the Week

We geek out on books about the sciences, remote places, and unique spaces – so when we heard about Paul Freeman’s book “Space Lands” we just about hit the moon in excitement. The book is an exploration of “the past and future sites of the rocket age,” and features large format images of places that [...]

A Powerful Book of the Week

Recent bestseller, The Power of Pain by Rich DeSalvo, is one of the most inspiring books we’ve seen in awhile, in particular for people suffering from chronic pain. Prior to writing this book, DeSalvo worked on Wall Street as a senior executive at several of the worlds largest financial institutions for over 25 years, but [...]