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Skateboarding is not a crime

At least, not when it produces photographs like Lia Halloran’s. Read more about Lia’s Dark Skate exhibition here. Then take a look at the Shutter Sisters blog. This group found a great way to leverage San Francisco’s recent BlogHer event — and they’ll be making a Blurb book from the results of their experiment. On [...]

Tip — adding text over photos

Using text over a photo or illustration can add real impact to your book. The BookSmart designers have provided several layouts that make it easy to add this design element — the hardest part may be finding the perfect image to go with that quote from your favorite 80′s movie. Chapter titles and section pages [...]

Book of the Week brings us to LIFE

Crime bosses, politicians, movie stars, artists. JFK, Marilyn, Elvis, Andy Warhol, Vince Lombardi — LIFE, in fact, for the last fifty years … as represented by LIFE magazine photographer Bill Ray. This astonishing work of photojournalism is a literal jaw-dropper … I’ve been drooling on my desk all day. The photographs, naturally, are amazing, but [...]

Quacked out

If there were a Recommended Daily Allowance on cuteness, the penguins in this Chicago Tribune feature just might exceed it. For considerably snarkier comments, see Digg. Less snark, more ‘zine? Well, can’t make too many promises, but take a look at Wired for a retrospective on San Francisco’s annual Zine Festival. All sorts of crazy [...]