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A BookSmart Update and Flat-Rate Shipping

Today’s a pretty good day to be a Blurbarian. We’ve made a couple changes that we hope will make your bookmaking lives a whole lot easier. First, we’ve introduced a new flat-rate shipping option, available immediately to customers shipping books to addresses within the U.S, UK, Europe, or Canada. What this means is that within [...]

Join Us for Back-to-back Blurb Tutorials Tomorrow

Interested in a helpful walk-through of Blurb BookSmart or taking your bookmaking skills to the next level? This Tuesday we are offering two free online training webinars back-to-back. Sign up for one, or both, to become a bookmaking guru. Our beginning session, the Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Book, will walk you through starting a [...]

Tip — changing photo sizes in BookSmart

You can resize your photos in BookSmart without pulling an Alice. In fact, we highly recommend that you do your resizing before you eat anything marked “Eat Me” … or drink anything at all. There are three ways to resize your photos in BookSmart. Use the Zoom/Crop tool: 1. In the main edit area, click [...]

What’s the word?

Using pictures to tell a story is hardly a new idea — witness the cave paintings at Lascaux, or Egyptian pictographs, or even GoFugYourself. Telling complicated stories with pictures has grown easier and easier as technology advances, and with this handy article you can practically turn your digital photographs into a full-length novel. But if [...]