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Taking 5 with the Kitchen Sisters!

We’ve been lucky enough to hang out with the Kitchen Sisters here in Austin during SXSW as they promote their new Blurb book “Hidden Kitchens: Texas.” It’s been received with great applause and it’s given the Blurb crew some good ideas on where to eat in Austin! This morning the Kitchen Sisters were interviewed on [...]

Book of the Week takes it to the street

Rio de Janeiro is a tough place to hang-out, at least in the exquisitely photographed, deeply disturbing historias do rio. Photographed by acclaimed photographer Lorenzo Moscia, with text (in Italian) by Matteo Gennari, this book is chock-full of sex, slum, and implicit violence — shot with a gritty, evocative eye and an amazing resonance with [...]

We’re partial to this Book of the Week

Lya Edwards’ Partial is built around themes of isolation and haphazardness, and the result is a beautiful book that makes you feel solitary, and just a little bit discombobulated — in the best possible way. One of many reasons that Partial is so appealing is that the cover is wonderfully representative of these themes. It [...]