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Sawadee ka.

I’m traveling to Thailand in a few weeks and I’ve already started planning my Blurb books. Yep, one of the benefits of working at Blurb is a book-making account of which I plan to take full advantage.

So, armed with a digital camera and good old-fashioned travel diary, I’ll collect everything for my book(s) as I trek throughout Thailand. I’m planning ahead by thinking of some working titles. Here are some of my ideas so far:

destinationtbd%20copy Thailand Book TitlesPhoto: Cheryn Flanagan

The Buddha Book
Street-food Pictorial
Tuk-tuk Tales
Viengtai Memories
(sorry, but it’s a long story)
Running Amok With Thai Baht
And the always reliable, Thailand 2006

Have some suggestions? Post them here.

Khap khun ka.

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One Comment

  1. My vote: Street Food!

    Mostly because I miss meat on a stick and looking at it is the next best thing, but also, there are so many strange things for sale and how fun to photograph them (and eat while you’re at it).

    It would be awesome to find out what some of the stuff actually is. For example, that giant water bug I ate while there — is it really a cock roach and where do they get them? I’m hoping from the jungle…

      August 14, 2006 – 3:10 pm   Permalink

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