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You can have the aisle; I’m a window seat person. (Does anybody prefer the middle seat?) Water, clouds, countrysides, mountains, and cities; I’ll happily stare out at all of them. The best views are often during take off and landing. I like seeing thousands of bright turquoise swimming pools heading into LA and spotting my apartment when I fly out of San Francisco. That said, snowy peaks, lush forests, and snaking rivers viewed from 30,000 feet are impressive too.

Nathan Abels is both an artist and an aerial survey photographer. Preview his book, Aerial Photographs, to see how he mixes the two. The images were taken mostly over Colorado and there’s something beautiful and hypnotic about the balance he created laying them out across two-page spreads. On some pages, parking lots butt up against parks. On others, a canyon’s naturally carved landscape mocks the constrained order of a housing development.

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Nathan’s talent doesn’t stop at bookmaking. I visited his Web site and was further drawn into his gallery of paintings, works on paper, collages, and photography. And he blogs. When does he sleep?

Congratulations on making Book of the Week, Nathan. You have a captivating point of view (bird’s eye view?), and we thoroughly enjoyed your book.

Best route for staring out a plane’s window? Flying from Miami to Nevis by way of St. Kitts is one of my favorites. Got any tips for taking photos from a plane? Tell us below.

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pin it button Thank you for flying, Book of the Week


  1. Aerial photography is always difficult, if you shoot with a Canon 350XT out of a Bonanza. I really appreciated you gallery, very nice work.

      November 14, 2007 – 10:11 pm   Permalink
  2. what a fun idea for a book. i’ll take the window seat! :-)

      November 15, 2007 – 6:52 am   Permalink
  3. Hi there…

    GREAT blog and web site! I can’t wait to turn my blog into a book. I got so excited I even had to write about you on my blog. What a fabulous opportunity for Writers to showcase their work and art.


    julia ward – a BLINDING heart – a writer’s blog –

    check out my latest post : How To Turn Your Blog Into a Book – No Assembly Required

      November 15, 2007 – 7:14 am   Permalink

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