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6bebab58927548e7a27539de907acfcb 7 Thank you, SteveThursday is normally the day we feature a member of the Blurb staff with their favorite camera. We use an iPhone to take a photo of them. We then put the photo through an Instagram filter. We publish the blog using WordPress, running on a Mac.

And this is just one small, pretty insignificant way we use Apple products around here. Sure, there are other computers in the world, but a lot of people got into this business because of what a Mac can do. And the way that it does it.

Last night I took this fuzzy Instagram photo of the back of my MacBook Pro as a small tribute to Steve Jobs. It joined countless others out in the digital ether.

Would we be doing what we do here without his vision? Possibly. But we wouldn’t be doing it the same way.

So thank you again, Steve.

P.S. Here’s a wonderful tribute to Steve Jobs from the Blurb Mobile Team


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  1. I´m a Windows, not a Mac, user but have complete admiration and gratitude that a fellow human named Steve Jobs was able to share his genius, creative gifts and charisma with the world. Where so many people are bent on destruction, he went the other way. It would be great if more people -especially the young – could follow his lead and celebrate life in positively innovative ways.

    By L. Baier
      October 7, 2011 – 4:23 am   Permalink
  2. Hey L.,

    Very well said.



    By Kent
      October 7, 2011 – 9:47 am   Permalink

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