The Beauty of a Second

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The Beauty of a Second is a different kind of film competition. After all, each entry can only be one second long. Sure, you could argue this is the natural progression of our short-attention-span society. On the other hand, one second of video is also like a really long snapshot. And judging from the compilation of entries below, one second can encapsulate a lot (particularly in HD which really seems to up the beauty quotient).

Winners will be chosen by Wim Wenders (who, ironically, is known for making some very long films). We have nothing to do with the competition. We just think it’s kind of neat.

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  1. What a cool campaign. I’ve been working on something with similar aesthetic principles (1 second videos designed to capture something specific) for a couple years now and turned the project into a visual language. On our site, you can actually see your written words transformed into a video sentence. We are working to make it into a communication platform.

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