The Best Times to Focus Manually

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Camera lens1 The Best Times to Focus Manually

Today’s digital cameras are packed with semi-automatic and automatic features. While we’re all for ease, we’re also fully hip to the fact that there are times when you need to do things the manual way.

The Digital Photography School (DPS) had a great post on the five situations where manual focus is preferred to auto focus. In a nutshell, they are:

1. Macro work – Those beautiful images that come with getting up close and personal with your subject. Keep it on manual.
2. Low light – When your lens prevaricates, you know it can’t find enough light to focus. Switch to manual, find your focus point, and shoot.
3. Portraits – Getting the shot right means controlling the focus on the eyes or lips. Again, we’re talking manual.
4. Shooting through glass or a wire fence – Airplane photography, anyone? Switch to manual and your high-flying shots will be better for it.
5. Action shots – Focus on a point that your subject will move through and shoot. Not always easy to do but a winning technique when you can time it right.

So Blurbarians, happy shooting – photographically speaking.

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