The Blurberati’s End-of-Summer Reading List

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Welcome to the new Blurberati Blog category “What We’re Reading.”

Our blog is about all things book, so you might ask, when not perusing the new titles in the Bookstore, what exactly are the Blurberati reading? From nonfiction to anthologies to fantasy, the staff at Blurb reads a lot, usually two books at a time. Consider our “staff picks” similar to what you’d find at your local independent bookstore.

Look for more of these posts over time. Enjoy!

    • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
      By Mark Haddon

      Interesting piece of fiction. Haddon writes in the voice of an autistic 15-year old and tells a wonderful tale. Funny thing is, because of this book, I finally understand prime numbers! – Kathy

    • The Sudden Country
      By Karen Fisher

      If you like Cormac McCarthy and clean spare prose with a great narrative, well-researched, you will love this book. – Eileen

    • In Persuasion Nation
      By George Saunders

      Saunders’ gift for satire is on full display in his latest collection of short stories. His portrait of America is at once fierce and funny. – Jennifer

    • Pattern Recognition
      William Gibson
      - Gareth

    • The Gang That Wouldn’t Write Straight: Wolfe, Thompson, Didion, and the New Journalism Revolution
      By Marc Weingarten

      The story of how journalism went gonzo and got personal, from Truman Capote’s chilling true-crime coverage and John Sack’s unflinching Vietnam reportage to Joan Didion’s deflowered flower-child revelations and Hunter S. Thompson’s rants from the Nixon campaign trail. – Alison

    • Master and Margarita
      By Mikhail Bulgakov

      A great Stalin-era Russian satire that has the Devil himself showing up in Moscow. Considered to be one of the greatest works of Russian literature, it was actually finished by Bulgakov’s wife after his death. – Alysha

    • The Change Function
      By Pip Coburn

      Nonfiction – Chad
    • The Bromeliad Trilogy – Diggers, Truckers, Wings
      By Terry Pratchet

      Reading this for a second or third time. – Leo
    • Achtung-Panzer!
      By General Heinz Guderian

      The seminal work on the development of Armored Tactics. Useful to know, since future wars are always fought by those who forget or ignore the lessons of the Past. – Mike

    • The Fortress of Solitude
      By Jonathan Lethem

      I’m slow dancing with this though life … – Bryan

    • Dry
      By Augusten Burroughs

      - Brent
    • The Journal of Imaging Science and Technology
      Volume 50, Issue 3

      Sounds a bit dry, no? :-) – Bruce

    • Curious George Goes to the Beach
      By H. A. Ray
      When I stop and think about it, I am reading more now than I have in years. Morning and night, actually. This book, along with the other’s I’m reading, offers unlimited inspiration and wisdom into the human condition, not to mention, a linguistic feast. Furthermore, the more times you read them the more they become mantra-like in their formulaic repetition which is a sublime antidote to a day of hard work. – Sam
    • Don Quixote
      By Miguel de Cervantes
      Listened to while on a crowded Muni bus (often surrounded by people who may indeed be fighting windmills) … – Jeanie

What are you reading?

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