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We wrote about this last week, but wanted to keep the amazing conversation going that’s been started on the future of the photography book at Resolve. There have been some great contributions from heavy hitters across the photography and publishing world — over 25 to date that are listed at the bottom of the original post — and it’s exciting to see so much interest and discussion!

We talk about the future of photo books all the time here at Blurb as you might imagine, and as we were going back through our archives looking at conversations that have taken place here, we came across some thoughts we want to share with you here.

These quotes have been pulled from previous interviews we’ve done, and are pretty relevant as it relates to the discussion taking place over at Resolve.

“I’m a firm believer that books in general will live forever. And if they do then photography books will be around for a long time. Can you imagine viewing a photo book on a Kindle! That would be catastrophic.” — Jodi Peckman, director of photography for Rolling Stone

“I think there is a huge future for photography books. In this digital age, where everything is downloaded onto your screen, we need something tangible and real. We must not underestimate our senses. A book is a real object that allows you to enjoy its content in a way that is much more stimulating than just looking at images on a screen. Machines are supposed to help us, not control us.” — Platon, photographer

“There will be more and more small (or single) run books and fewer large press runs.” — Bill Hunt

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  1. More on the future of photo books from Senior Product Manager at online publisher Tim Wright:

    By Tim
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