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One of my favorite things about the internets is the organic and viral way that something cool can find its way around the web and achieve near-overnight notoriety. I’ve checked out a blog or two in my day, and I love seeing what other people find interesting, funny, irresistible, alarming, or [insert descriptive here]. Point being, if people I follow and/or trust are linking to something, I want to see it too. And if I’m early on the scene, all the better – kinda like listening to an obscure band in a dive bar before their song hits mainstream airplay 6 months later.

Anyway, giving this format a try this week. Here’s a selection of links from the Blurberati, along with a brief explanation of why we dig it. Hopefully you’ll dig it too. (Let us know – as we mentioned, we’re blowing up the blog lately and we always appreciate the feedback.)

Links of the week, May 22: - A site offering “out of the ordinary” email cards. A great way to lift someone’s spirits. (Kevin)

Barnes and Noble – Book designer talks about his inspiration from all things great and small. Dig it because it’s an interesting peek into the creative process behind some of my favorite book covers. (Laura) – A website where you can “heart” your favorite images and videos from all across the web. I dig it because it’s a place to store images that I find and love on the web, and it also provides a huge network of cool stuff that other people love. (Slevine) – It’s so true, and so often overlooked. I believe this was created by Dan Cederholm of (Nathan) – I could go on for days here, but will leave you to my personal musings for that. Simply put, the mixtape is back. Make one, share it with your friends, update it as often as you like, and discover others’ mixtapes. Here’s mine. AWESOME. (Mike (me))

That ought to be enough to get you started. Enjoy, and happy Thursday. Maybe you’re also headed to see the new Indiana Jones movie tonight. If so, see ya out there!!

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  1. Muxtape completely wins.

    However, it only supports mp3 files so conversions may be necessary.

    SUPER by eRightSoft seems to be a solid freeware solution:

      May 23, 2008 – 6:46 am   Permalink

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