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In today’s New York Times piece, “Technology Rewrites the Book,” Blurb’s CEO Eileen Gittins is quoted as saying that Blurb would “push new tools for ‘bookifying’ data, beginning with a tool that ‘slurps’ the entries from a blog and places them into the appropriate templates.”

What does it mean to bookify? So glad you asked. To bookify means, simply, to turn something into a book. That something can be digital images stored on your computer or on a photo-sharing site, items you can scan, and content like personal blog entries, online recipes, the works. Chances are you’ve got something you could bookify right now, whether it’s photographs from your summer travels or the presentation you just put together for work.

Yeah, we know what all you word nerds are thinking: Bookify is catchy and all, but it isn’t a real word. It’s certainly not Scrabble legal. And you would be right about that — at least for now. However, the same thing was once said about Googling, as in I think I’ll go Google “bookify” right now. And wouldn’t you know it? Merriam-Webster just added “Google” to the updated version of its Collegiate Dictionary.

We’re certain that as more and more people discover the joys of, ahem, bookifying their blogs, photos, journals, scrapbooks, business proposals … well you get the idea … bookify will join the official ranks of the English lexicon, as well.

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