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Baby Momma. Mommy Dearest. Mamacita. Mommy. Ma. The Queen Mum. There are 30 trillion types of mom, but only one of them is yours.

Throw away those preconceived notions of what a Mother’s Day gift is and make her a book. It’s simpler than you can imagine and it’ll last longer than a bouquet of pink tulips.

Blurb’s Top 5 Book Ideas for Mother’s Day

  1. Recipes – Is she sweet? Make a cookbook of her favorite desserts. Is she fiery? Feature dishes using habaneros. Gather up the family favorites, add stories and photos, and you’ve got a cookbook with meaning. She’ll eat it up.
  2. A to Z – Was your mom into 1970’s Swedish pop? Then A is for Abba. Does she crave Greek food? Then B is for baklava. You catch my drift. Every page is a letter and every letter represents something personal.
  3. Photo Book – A history of her hairdos. A photographic guide to the family tree cross-referenced by region, hair color, or birthmarks. Pets, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, great-grandchildren – anyone your mom adores. Transform her photos into an heirloom by turning them into a durable, professionally bound book. We guarantee she’ll show her friends.
  4. Scrapbook – Glitter, puffy paint, embellishments, stickers, and those scissors that create ornate borders are fun. And time consuming. And messy. Designing a scrapbook with Blurb BookSmart™ is creative, fast, and you won’t have to vacuum after you’re done. Mom will applaud your originality. And your cleanliness.
  5. A Guidebook for Navigating Complex Family Dynamics – This one says it all. To a therapist. Maybe a book of your poetry would work better for mom…

Have more ideas for an out of the ordinary Mother’s Day book? Share them below. We’ll hang them on our fridge, just like mom.

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