The Polaroid SX-70′s revival

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Even in this era of Instagram, the humble Polaroid SX-70 has come back into vogue. Although actually, there’s nothing terribly humble about this 1970s combination SLR and instant-film camera. It has a sleek, modern profile and a compact through-the-lens focusing system that today’s digital camera manufacturers could really learn a thing or two from. And it’s clear from the Stieglitz-quoting promo film below that Polaroid had more than a consumer throw-away in mind when they produced it.

More evidence of the Polaroid SX-70′s reintroduction to society can be found via Photojojo. The hip camera accessory seller has a mere 50 refurbished SX-70s for sale. And they have the film too, courtesy of The Impossible Project.

And, in fact, just this last week I was at Photobooth, a San Francisco portrait studio that specializes in Polaroid and tin type photos. There, on display, was a beautiful SX-70.

Of course, no one had to tell Blurb bookmakers that this is one fantastic little camera. A quick look through Blurb’s virtual bookshelves revealed more than a few books made with this little wonder. One of my favorites is Summer 2011, by Peter Cederling:


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