The Story Behind Blurb’s Millionth Order!

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Cheers, balloons, and a virtual clink of champagne glasses! Our millionth print-on-demand order rolled off our presses not too long ago. In honor of the occasion, we caught up with the bookmaker behind it – David Brady, a Los Angeles-based artist, graphic designer, and top-notch Blurb bookmaker, who designed and made the book of behalf of friends.

David was kind enough to answer some questions about his book, Athletics. Read on and learn how the book came to be, David’s top bookmaking tips, and which Blurb books have most inspired him. Huge shout out to David. Thanks for being one in a million!

Blurb: First off, can you tell us a little bit about the book?

David: The book was commissioned by friends who are track and field enthusiasts and photographers. This is the first in a series and it covers the track and field events of the 2008 Olympics and 2009 World Championships.

Blurb: Did you use BookSmart or PDF-to-Book to make it? How long did it take to make your book?

David: I used InDesign to create it and then simply converted it to a PDF. Most of the work was in the production and layout of the photographs, of which there were a lot. The whole project took about three weeks. I really didn’t have any problems getting the book just right because I downloaded the exact template for InDesign from the Blurb site.

Athletics by David Brady The Story Behind Blurb’s Millionth Order!

Blurb: Love the double-truck spreads. They add a lot of impact and really convey the drama. Can you share with other Blurbarians how you made these spreads?

David: Creating double-truck spreads is fairly simple with InDesign as you can see the entire spread in the window. I sized my landscape photos to fit into the cropped area and simply dropped them into the spread. Then I created a series of thumbnail sketches of various page spreads that I wanted to achieve. I then cropped and moved the images around the pages to fit my design.

Blurb: Do you have a favorite shot or spread in your book?

David: Yes, I like the spread across pages 29-30. I wanted to tell stories and show the post-race feeling of athletes. This spread gives a glimpse into what it’s like after the pressure is off.

Athletics pages 2930 The Story Behind Blurb’s Millionth Order!

Blurb: Your bio says that you specialize in collages using found objects. This seems a long way off from that. Any plans to do a book of your art?

David: Two new books on my work are now in progress so stay tuned for the release of them through Blurb! I also teach creative workshops to seriously ill teens and a Blurb book of their drawings and paintings is also in the works as a fundraising tool with Blurb for Good.

Blurb: What’s your best bookmaking tip for other Blurb bookmakers?

David: Stay organized and create folders with your book assets and back them up on DVD or another drive! You may need to re-do the book or make revisions so you want to keep everything together and easy to access.

Blurb: Are there any other books in the Blurb online bookstore (staff picks or just in the bookstore) that you’d like to give a shout out to?

David: Sure. Capital of Hope By Mark Tuschman, Can You Hear Me…Universe? By Heather Brewster, and The Utatan by Utata

Blurb: Finally, anything I didn’t ask you that you’d like to share about Blurb or the bookmaking process?

David: I’ve published books with three other online companies and switched over to Blurb. I did this because of the variety of sizes, pricing, and staff help. I believe that this type of publishing will revolutionize the industry and allow many people to share their books, collaborate, and profit from their ideas.

Blurb: Again, a big thanks to you, David. We look forward to seeing your next Blurb books!

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  1. great interview and congrats to Blurb for it’s Millionth Order and to David for his fine book making work!

    By denise
      July 14, 2010 – 1:40 pm   Permalink

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