Tip — changing photo sizes in BookSmart

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You can resize your photos in BookSmart without pulling an Alice. In fact, we highly recommend that you do your resizing before you eat anything marked “Eat Me” … or drink anything at all.

There are three ways to resize your photos in BookSmart.

Use the Zoom/Crop tool:
1. In the main edit area, click on the photo you would like to adjust. The Picture Tools toolbar pops into view just under the main toolbar.
2. Grab and drag the zoom/crop slider left and right (or click the + or – signs) to zoom in and out, shrinking or expanding the image.
3. Once you’ve got the zoom just right, click and drag the image left, right, up, or down until it is centered the way you want it. Zoom and crop complete.

Select buttons that fit the image for you:
1. In the main edit area, click on the photo you would like to adjust. The Picture Tools toolbar pops into view just under the main toolbar.
2. Select either the “Fill the image area” button to have your photo fill the image container completely, or the “Center align image” button to have your image resized to fit in the center of the image container. You’re done!

Adjust your image’s pixels to the size stated in the pop-up tool tip:
1. Mouse over an image container to see the pop-up tool tip stating the exact preferred image size of that image container.
2. Go to your original image on your computer and adjust the image size — using Preview, Photoshop, or your favorite image-editing software — to match the preferred image size specified in the pop-up tool tip.
3. Save the image and place it into the BookSmart image library.
4. That image will now fit perfectly into the designated image container.

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pin it button Tip     changing photo sizes in BookSmart


  1. Image size and Image dimension are two different things – is that not right?
    If my camera takes images which typically are 16.2 inches x 10.8 inches, 240 resolution then must I not crop or transform the image (in PhotoShop) in order to get the original image to fit a dimension different than a 1×1.5 ratio dimension?

    By celie p
      July 28, 2008 – 8:28 pm   Permalink
  2. Hi Celie,
    That’s correct — and the hope is to go into this topic in further detail later this week, so don’t touch that dial.

      July 29, 2008 – 8:49 am   Permalink
  3. If the photo has been cropped to appear to fit in the space then doesn’t it fit in real life? Like WYSIWYG? Or will it look totally different in the book when received? Checking all this out then going back in and resizing the image for each picture and then replacing it in the book.. Yikes – what a lot of work. Whine whine. If that is true then I have over 400 pictures to mess with……. Or maybe I don’t understand the process I am in the middle of.

    By Camille Noble
      August 2, 2008 – 6:08 pm   Permalink
  4. The Blurb that I downloaded is beta release, will there be a final software version later? Also, will there be a photo enhance mode such brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation control. And also, how do I change from color to black and white pix, I didn’t see it on the program.

    Will Julian

      August 4, 2008 – 8:24 am   Permalink
  5. How can I change the image size in a layout? Or is there a tool for me to create a custom image layout?
    I’m creating my first Blurb book. I love the layout that has two images over a background image that fills the whole page, but I want the two images to be slightly bigger…. Any suggestions.

    By Jennifer
      August 5, 2008 – 10:54 am   Permalink
  6. NOTE: In the current release of BookSmart (1.9.5.x) the “Align” tools are NOT working correctly…

    All images are “stretched” to fit the container, and you must use the Zoom tool to re-size them…

    This has been reported to Blurb, and (I hope) is a fix for the next release…



    By Lee
      August 12, 2008 – 3:24 am   Permalink
  7. i’ve downloaded the recent blurb program but i can’t seem to resize it to widen or shorten the picture and frantically its a bit frustrating. If you are going to do a another release could you also add pictures on a two page spread, that would be super

    By Lisa
      February 9, 2009 – 3:07 am   Permalink
  8. Is there a limit to the size of the image or the number of photos the program can handle?

    By Dale Garvey
      April 29, 2009 – 7:16 pm   Permalink
  9. Can i pt 8 x 10 photo’s in your new 12 x 12 book?

    I have over 40 painting images and will be either horitzonal or vertical.

    I have not downloaded your software yet as I wanted to find out if this is possible. I also would like to receive a sample of the new 100# satin finish with an image on it to make sure my client is happy with the new satin paper. Is that possible.

    Rose Gatto

    By Rose Gatto
      July 31, 2009 – 8:02 am   Permalink

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