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Listen to Point & Click Radio from 7 to 8 pm Pacific Time tonight, and call in to chat live with Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins and Mendocino photographer and Blurb book author Nicholas Wilson. To call in, dial 707-895-2448, or call toll-free within California: 1-800-499-7117.

Eileen will be on the line to answer all your questions about making books through Blurb, and explain the inspiration behind Blurb’s free BookSmart software. Nicholas will be talking about Mendocino in the ’70s, his photography book capturing the free spirits and rugged landscape that made Mendocino such a far-out place to be.

Definitely hit up Nicholas for book marketing tips – he’s already up to 73 orders, and his book won’t be released until December. Personally, I’m hoping someone asks Nicholas to explain what exactly went on at the “storied psychedelic ditch party” he casually mentions on his Web site … or at least as much as he can tell without incriminating his neighbors.

If you miss this chance to pepper Eileen with questions, never fear: Post your queries below, and we’ll answer.

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  1. My cohost Jim Heid and I had a fun time interviewing Nick and Eileen. It was one of the most enjoyable shows we’ve done in a long time. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of Nick’s pre-publication test edition of Mendocino in the 1970s, and the sample demonstration book from Blurb.

    I will download the new version of the software as soon as it becomes available. I would like to try my hand at making a book myself. So much to scan, so little time …

      November 9, 2006 – 12:24 pm   Permalink
  2. Your show was a total blast. Thanks for the invite. Also a super big thanks to Nick Wilson whose book is a must have for anyone who was in Mendocino in the 70′s… or is the quote if you remember it, you mustn’t have been there :-)

    In any case, whether you were there or not, you should check Nick’s book out. The photographs are particularly evocative of time and place.

    And Bob, we Look forward to seeing you in print too….

      November 9, 2006 – 3:53 pm   Permalink
  3. It was fun being on the radio with Eileen and the Point & Click guys, and I’m really looking forward to meeting her in person when she comes up to Mendocino soon. The radio show will soon be available for downloading from

    Eileen broke the news Wednesday evening of the release this weekend of the new BookSmart 1.5 software. It’s Friday, and I just downloaded and installed it. It’s really a jump forward, especially how it handles text and fonts, and it includes a few new page layout designs.

    The BIG news is that the new BookSmart introduces the long-rumored paperback cover option, offering a big cost saving for people on a budget. Eileen said a 40-page paperback book costs only $18.95, making it $11 less than the hard cover option. I’m already thinking about a paperback release of my Mendocino in the Seventies book next year.

    As of today, three weeks before my book will be avalable, I’ve sold 78 advance orders in the four weeks since I announced the book by email and on my website. I plan to make the book available in the Blurb bookstore as soon as possible.

    Thanks, Eileen, and thanks, Blurb!

      November 10, 2006 – 5:13 pm   Permalink