A Valentine’s Book of the Week: A book made with texts

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought we’d take a look at a book that was a real labor of love. Messages, by Antony Last, is a 240-page compendium of texts exchanged between the author and his girlfriend—from the day they met to the day they moved in together. Antony spent 15 months on the project, which he described to me in an email:

I downloaded the texts from my iPhone using a piece of software I found on the web and spent a ridiculous amount of time re-formatting those and colouring as appropriate! On top of that I spent hours going through various friends’ Facebook accounts to source photos of events depicted in the book to give it the character … the scanned tickets and images of the events were intended to add a bit of a scrapbook feel to the project, even if it’s digitalised I think it works.

He put the book together with Blurb’s plugin for Adobe InDesign and had it printed on ProLine Uncoated paper and ordered it just in time for his girlfriend’s birthday. The result is a fun and uniquely 21st century history of a relationship. And an unforgettable gift.


Speaking of gifts, if you’re looking to get a book in time for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to check out our final shipping deadlines.

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pin it button A Valentines Book of the Week: A book made with texts

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  1. ¡Great idea! Not only for everyone that wants to make a beautiful gift in St. Valentine´s but also for students of English. St. Valentine is always a nice reason to practice a different language, specially English (we don´t celebrate it that much in Spain) but we use it a lot with our students.
    You gave me a really good idea and I´ll use it with my students, thank you very much! (of course I´ll suggest your web :) )

      February 10, 2014 – 6:32 am   Permalink

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