Valentine’s Proposal Book Winner!

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picture 3 Valentines Proposal Book Winner!

High-five to Marcus Panek for our favorite proposal book, “El Salvador!” Here’s Marcus’ story about how he used his Blurb book to surprise and propose to his wife to be:

“In July of 2008, my girlfriend and I went to El Salvador to do a mission trip. When we returned from the trip I told her that I would make a Blurb photobook to document it. What I didn’t tell her, is that there would be a marriage proposal inside the book. We had booked a trip to Vermont for October of 2008, which is where I planned to propose.

We were watching the sun set at a bed and breakfast where we were staying in Vermont. It seemed like the perfect time, so I said to her: “Oh yeah, I totally forgot that I have the El Salvador photo book in my carry-on! I received the book in the mail the day before we left, and I was going to show it to you on the plane, but I forgot.” So I gave her the book to look at. As she came to the second-to-last page of the book, it had a full page that told her what a great person she is and how lucky I am. The page after that, had a picture of the engagement ring I was going to propose to her with.

Unfortunately, she closed the book after reading the page about her, without turning to the picture of the ring. She hugged me and told me how sweet I was, almost crying. However, she didn’t know at that point that it was part of a proposal. I waited a little bit, just hoping she would open the book again to see the picture of the ring. Luckily, without me saying a word, she did open it back up, and saw the picture of the ring, and she knew right away. I then got on my knee and proposed to her. She said yes!”

picture 1 Valentines Proposal Book Winner!

Get a sneak peak at the book here and congrats again Marcus!

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  1. Congratulations!
    Great images, specially love the edge overlapped, tone mapped / hdr attempt of the cover, looks really natural, nice one!

      February 20, 2009 – 4:02 pm   Permalink
  2. Hi, I am writing new book, but I’m very dissapointed – ther’s no shipping to Bosnia-Herzegowina. Oh please cover Bosnia-Herzegowina (Europe) in next two months!!! PLEASE!!!

      February 21, 2009 – 7:53 am   Permalink
  3. Great book! Awesome pictures! Congratulations! Very much deserving winner!

      February 21, 2009 – 11:39 am   Permalink
  4. What a great story! A most worthy winner. My first Blurb book was made for my girlfriend to celebrate our first year together. You can’t beat a special gift like a photo book.

    As for the pictures in the winning book; they were amazing. Obviously a talented photographer as well as an old romantic!

    By Jules75
      February 24, 2009 – 3:18 am   Permalink

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