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We recently hosted a step-by-step webinar to show people how easy it is to make books with BookSmart. (Here’s the previous post where we explain what the webinar included.) The feedback has been really positive, so we made it available to everyone.

Watch the entire webinar here. It’s about 37 minutes long, but you can pause it, take a break, and finish viewing it at any time. We’ve also produced videos on turning a blog into a book, using Community Book, and slurping your Flickr photos into a book. You can access all of the videos on our page under Get More > Episodes. You can even add Blurb’s videos to your RSS feed or subscribe to them in iTunes. It’s all right there on our page.

Want us to cover something else in our webinars and videos? Got feedback on the ones you’ve seen? Tell us about it.

P.S. Looking for the Tips and Tricks post we mentioned in the December newsletter? Here it is: Scan it like you mean it. Adding images other than photos.

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  1. The video was great. I have made several books with you, but did not know I could do all the things you showed me.

    Now make a video on how to get the right dpi for your photos that go in the book. There was no mention of the requirements of type of file and size for best reproduction.

    By Gordie Corbin
      December 18, 2007 – 12:24 pm   Permalink
  2. I concur with the need for information on how to get the correct dpi for photos. I have not been able to upload mym photo pages.

    By Paul Blatt
      December 18, 2007 – 2:09 pm   Permalink
  3. Do our FAQs on DPI not fit the bill here?

    Looking for some feedback.



    By Kathy
      December 18, 2007 – 2:16 pm   Permalink
  4. The video was very good. I wish you would make one showing how to install on my computer the color profiles for the HP printer which Blurb uses (as described by Sam Edge), and how to soft-proof photos, and show how to deal with “out of gamut” colors. I am about to submit my first book, and would like to eliminate nasty surprises in the printed result as much as possible.

      December 18, 2007 – 2:19 pm   Permalink
  5. I had put about 100 hours into a book that was a journal and photographic journey I had taken with my parents. I was on page 78 when all of a sudden Booksmart displayed a messsage saying there was a error and even though all of my book had be automatically saved (or so that’s what the program told me) everything was lost. I cried for a day. It was meant for a 55 year anniversary present for my parents, and I had put so much work into it. It was truly beautiful. Why did this happen, and how can I keep this from happening if I attempt the recreate the book? I;m afraid this will just just happen again! Charlene

      December 18, 2007 – 9:24 pm   Permalink
  6. I love Eileen for her great creative efforts to the perosnal books published and to the market of selling. Yes I love her very much ! Cosmy from China

    By cosmy
      December 19, 2007 – 3:35 am   Permalink
  7. Hi Charlene,

    The blog can’t help you troubleshoot your particular technical issue. Please contact Technical Support and someone will get back to you shortly.

    – Kathy

    By Kathy
      December 19, 2007 – 10:44 am   Permalink
  8. Blurb could be the best opportunity on the internet for the non-professional to make a professional looking book. The templates for formating pages are easy to use and offer a great variety, especially compared to the other book-making programs offered by others on the net. I thought the whole Blurb process very user-friendly.

    Unfortunately, the printed result was not so satisfying. Though sharply printed, all the color in my book were too light, images and background color alike. When I emailed customer service, first to ask about why the color was so light, then again with an attached image comparing a postcard company’s accurate printing of the very same image file, I got no response. So should I assume the printing is always too light? I just wish I knew. This could be a dynamite book making company if the printed result were more predictable. Maybe Blurb needs “time” since it’s so relatively new, to work out all the kinks. But it would be nice to get some response to problems like this, and perhaps some compensation?

    By Suzanne Stryk
      December 19, 2007 – 11:04 am   Permalink
  9. Hi Suzanne,

    Blurb makes good on any manufacturing errors. Please resubmit your issue using our Order Support form and someone will get back to you promptly.

    Thanks for your patience.

    – Kathy

    By Kathy
      December 19, 2007 – 11:18 am   Permalink
  10. Watched the video and can hardly wait to transfer what I already have done into Blurb! In the video Chad mentions “copywriting.” Tell me what that involves and how to do it, if you will.

    By Wilma Smith
      December 19, 2007 – 12:42 pm   Permalink
  11. what is the maximum # of pictures per each size book? i participated in the blurbinar + slurped my blog, but there were too many pictures, so an error message said i’d have to select the largest size page book, so i did + it said there were still too many pictures, so i deleted hundreds of them one by one. i’m using the formula of # of pages divided by 6 pictures per page. the total # of my pictures is lower than the # from this formula, but the error message still says i have too many pictures.

    blurb should clearly note how many pictures maximum will fit in each size book. i emailed a few departments, with no clear answer. i had to abandon my books in progress, because i don’t have the time to keep deleted pictures 1 by 1, hoping to get to a mystery #

      December 22, 2007 – 10:56 am   Permalink
  12. i mean
    i don’t have the time to keep deleting pictures 1 by 1, hoping to get to a mystery # that will fit in a book size. i want to make several books in different sizes (not haviing a simple maximum # of photos per book is my biggest frustrating obstacle to making blurb books).

      December 22, 2007 – 11:05 am   Permalink
  13. Hi Wilma,

    Not sure what you heard regarding copywriting. Maybe you are referring to copyright. If so, this FAQ might help.

    – Kathy

    By Kathy
      December 26, 2007 – 6:33 pm   Permalink
  14. Looks to me from others’ comments that it’s a little too soon for me to worry about making a book until Blurb gets the bugs out. I’m too busy a person to spend hours on a book, only to be disappointed with the results. Thanks for the invitation anyway. Maybe next year!

    By Jim Vail
      April 24, 2008 – 3:11 pm   Permalink

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