We’ll see you at BlogHer ’06!

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pin it button Well see you at BlogHer 06!

Blurb is a proud sponsor of the second annual BlogHer Conference in San Jose, CA on July 28 and 29. In fact, we’re sponsoring Friday’s session “So You Have This Crazy Idea:”

You want to start a community-based blog site, but aren’t sure where to start. Melanie Morgan, Nancy White, Susannah Gardner & Lauren Gelman are among those who will help you examine what’s out there, define what you can do differently, and create a plan to develop content, promote your efforts and watch your back.

During this morning session, we’ll be giving away sample blog books of the Webby Award winning business site “5 Blogs Before Lunch.” Don’t be late to the discussion because we’ll have a limited supply of the books with us.

The Blurberati – Eileen, Alysha, and Kathy – will be roaming the conference to tell you how you can slurp your blog into a bookstore-quality book and memorialize your words in print. In turn, please feel free to tell us what you think of our new blog.

See you at the conference, unless of course, you wander off and get caught up watching the San Jose Grand Prix.

Share the Blurb:
pin it button Well see you at BlogHer 06!

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