Web launch delayed

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The bad news is that after two weeks of pounding on the new site a performance related issue surfaced hours before we had planned to deploy. The good news is it surfaced now and not a few hours after launch.

We will know more tomorrow and will make a game-time go/no-go decision.

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  1. Waited around as I assumed this would be the version when you supported overseas clients. Since it isn’t , looks like it will have to be lulu.
    Shame, really like your layouts. Dont get it, if Amazon et al can source and ship overseas dont see why you cann’t
    Know from a number of people spoken to here , Australia, that you have created a lot of interest and when I spoke with a number of them today they have all decided to go the lulu route as well.
    Best of luck and hope it all goes well

    By james
      August 31, 2006 – 1:43 am   Permalink
  2. James,

    You are not the only one asking about international shipping.

    Readers of this blog know we released our first beta in May. In just three short months, we\’ve upgraded the BookSmart app, and are in the throes of relaunching our Web site. Behind the scenes, we\’re working on many priorities and international shipping is definitely on our short list. So, look for some more announcements in the fall.

    Do check back then.

    By Kathy
      August 31, 2006 – 4:58 pm   Permalink