What kind of books are you making?

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Peruse our bookstore on any given day and you can see firsthand what kind of books Blurbarians are making. Books of weddings, photography collections, children’s stories, artist portfolios, travel photos, poetry, and family histories are but a portion of books being printed by Blurb each week.

Here’s a new book that caught my eye: Rockridge Little School 2005-2006. I did a little digging and discovered that this pre-school program in Oakland, CA is even touting the yearbook on their blog:

What do you do with thousands of pictures from our first year at Rockridge Little School? Why you create a year book that would be a fine addition for any coffee table.

Which brings me to my quesion: What other kinds of books are Blurbarians making? Many Blurb books never get posted to the public bookstore and so I’m curious.

Let me know by posting a comment here or writing to blurberatiblog@blurb.com.

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pin it button What kind of books are you making?


  1. Working on a gothic graphic novel: “Deadman’s Curse” at this time. We’re in the early stages of setting up the scenes as we’re using 3D software to create the images. A lot more has to be done before we’re ready to publish. This has become a lot of work, but well worth our effort and we post update on our website for those who’d like to keep track . . . :)

      November 7, 2006 – 9:27 pm   Permalink
  2. Your images are terrific. Please keep us posted on the progress of your book.

    By Kathy
      November 8, 2006 – 11:42 am   Permalink

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